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Blueberry Slice

I buy fresh berries in bulk and then freeze them to use over the winter. Berries go into smoothies, baking, jellies, salads and sometimes into something that is so decadent you won’t want to share. In fact you’ll want to eat this blueberry slice right out of the baking tray.

There is no point in me trying to tell you this blueberry slice is good for you.Blueberry Slice - Wholesome Ireland - Food & Parenting Blog

There are blueberries and while they are one of my favourite fruits, they are not good for you when they are enrobed in a silky smooth mousse-like texture that’s crammed full of sugary sweetness.Blueberry Slice - Wholesome Ireland - Food & Parenting BlogIf you can stand to wait for 12 hours after you’ve baked this blueberry slice then do. It will improve the flavours and the texture.Blueberry Slice - Wholesome Ireland - Food & Parenting BlogIf you can’t, well I can’t really blame you.

Himself reckons this slice would work equally as well with a dollop of fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Mind you he didn’t seem so eager to leave me on my own with the baking so he could go and get some.Blueberry Slice - Wholesome Ireland - Food & Parenting BlogIf you want to be healthy. Don’t bake this blueberry slice. Just don’t. There is no way you can be healthy and eat this slice.

Every now and again though the whole idea of being healthy needs to be forgotten about. For one, luscious moment as you savour the sweetness and just enjoy food.

Please note: I can not be held responsible for any diets broken, calories consumed or broken relationships that eating this blueberry slice may result in. However if this mends a relationship or makes you feel just wonderful, I’m claiming all the credit.Blueberry Slice 4

Blueberry Slice (Serves as many as are willing to share)


  • 50g Frozen Blueberries
  • 80g Caster Sugar
  • 2 Eggs
  • 100g Butter
  • 40g Golden Syrup
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 100g Plain Flour


Preheat a (fan) oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Line a 26 x 26cm baking dish with baking parchment. Tumble the frozen blueberries into the baking dish on top of the baking parchment.

Make a “bain-marie” by filling a large saucepan with 3cm of hot water and placing a glass bowl over the top to create a tight seal. Put the saucepan on a low hob. Melt the butter and golden syrup in the glass bowl.

Using a stand mixer or hand held electric whisk, whisk together the eggs and sugar until light and frothy. When the butter and golden syrup is melted. While whisking the eggs on high, carefully (the bowl will be hot) pour the mixture into the eggs and whisk well for at least 5 minutes.

Fold in the flour and finally, the vanilla extract at the last minute. Pour the cake batter on top of the frozen blueberries and put the baking dish into the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Bake until golden brown. Remove from the oven and leave to cool completely before slicing and serving. If it’s gooey, just eat with a spoon.Blueberry Slice - Wholesome Ireland - Food & Parenting Blog

I'm an Irish mother to 2 boys, born & bred in Dublin, Ireland. I like to cook simple & fresh food for the family, with the family on a budget.


  • Emily

    Sweet divine Caitriona. When this baby comes out and I still look like I’m having twins, I will blame you for my food babies. Divine, just divine. I’ve no blueberries, but I might just try it with raspberries (in great supply here!)

  • Ala (wallflourgirl.wordpress)

    Perfect–I’ve just been itching to find more ways to defy the New Year’s resolution train! Not that I haven’t been extremely awesome at this already anyway, but the gooey goodness going on here would be a delish addition 🙂

  • niamh

    Oh my god that looks amazing! I’ve been drooling at your recipes for the last hour, thank you. If I only knew how to bookmark them! I’ll begin with coconut cookies tomorrow and come back for this later in the week. Loving your blog x niamh

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