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    It might seem odd me doing an introduction blog post but I figured that after over 500 posts on the blog and so much water under the bridge it was about time that I did some reintroductions. Life has changed a lot for me since I started blogging so rather than focus on what has changed, I think I’d rather explain where I am. My name is Caitríona, I’m a work-at-home Mam who lives in the most Northerly coastal town in Co Dublin, called Balbriggan. This is why if you follow me on social media you’ll regularly see pictures of the sea and our beautiful harbour and lighthouse. Dublin is…

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    The Wholesome Kitchen

    There you go. A picture of my kitchen. It’s not very big is it? Scrap that; it’s blooming tiny. Believe it or not that is the size of the space I have to cook in. Some days I’m surprised that I manage to have the space to prep and cook. For anybody who is interested, no I don’t live in a bedsit. I actually live in a 4 bed home. Unfortunately while some of the other rooms are huge I’m left with a galley kitchen to work from. What you don’t see is the lovely south facing bay window which is ideal for propagating seedlings and also doubles as a…