Prawn Pasta Salad Recipe

When I cook pasta for dinner in the evening I normally cook a double-batch – far more than I actually need. This is because it can be used in meals the following day. The teenager likes to add boiled eggs, sweetcorn, and mayonnaise for her school lunchbox to a portion of pasta. I like to …

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Fish And Chips

Fish and chips; not the most thrifty meal if you go to the local chipper, nor is it the most healthy either. Don’t get me wrong, there is a certain allure of a brown paper bag laden with piping hot chips, salt and vinegar every now and again. If you’re feeding a family that sort …

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Prawns In Howth

Friday is normally our day for making a trip to Howth. We nip into Nicky’s Plaice as early as possible to get the fish. My Grandmother always got her fish from Howth and so we continue with the tradition. Our family has great ties to Howth, in fact my husband’s grand uncle was the last …

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Steamed Cod With Spinach

Every Friday, we get fish in Howth. If the fishing has been good then we’ll get enough for a few meals over the weekend. If not, then it’s simply a white fish for one meal. 52 weeks of the year we eat fish at least once a week.

Baked Salmon

In cooking terms they call this baked salmon; “en papillote” but in our house we call it fish in a bag!

Garlic Prawns

I know I’ve said it before but we are so lucky to live by the sea and so near to great fishmongers and fishermen. The father in law’s boat will go in the water next week and from that point onwards there will be a glut of line caught mackerel and ling to cook with.  …

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Buried Treasure

Tomorrow is Good Friday, it’s a “day of fasting” and traditionally we don’t eat meat on that day.  Actually we rarely eat meat on a Friday at all because my mother in law almost always cooks fish and welcomes all of her children and her extended family to dinner that day.  So much so that …

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