07 Aug

Baked Salmon

In cooking terms they call this baked salmon; “en papillote” but in our house we call it fish in a bag!

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26 Jun

Slimming Summer Broth

This time of the year I normally eat plenty of salads but this is a wholesome slimming summer broth which is lovely either hot or chilled. It is gluten, dairy and virtually low fat along with being low GI. This broth is also made with seasonal vegetables from the garden along with being low salt!

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18 Jun

Garlic Prawns

I know I’ve said it before but we are so lucky to live by the sea and so near to great fishmongers and fishermen.

The father in law’s boat will go in the water next week and from that point onwards there will be a glut of line caught mackerel and ling to cook with.  If the hubby uses his noggin, he’ll swap the catch for lobsters after a days’ fishing.  It’s not that my family are fishermen, far from it, it’s just that we live so close to a fantastic amenity it seems a shame not to use it.
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08 Jun

Warming Chickpea Stew

I could write paragraphs & paragraphs about the rotten weather, how it’s meant to be warmer in June & give you masses of memories about sunkissed summer days and BBQ’s.

Instead today it’s a straight recipe for a store cupboard warming stew.  It’s vegetarian (if you prefer), cheap and quick to make particularly if the weather is so bad you don’t want to be dragging yourself from your home to get to the shops.  When I made the stew this week I used 1 batch of my Special Sauce (500ml) from the freezer to get some hidden veg into the kids and on chopping.  Feel free to add vegetables if you like but if you want a smoother sauce just substitute my sauce for a tin of chopped tomatoes.
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05 Apr

Buried Treasure

Tomorrow is Good Friday, it’s a “day of fasting” and traditionally we don’t eat meat on that day.  Actually we rarely eat meat on a Friday at all because my mother in law almost always cooks fish and welcomes all of her children and her extended family to dinner that day.  So much so that it has been renamed “Fresh Fish Friday” in our house.

When growing up Good Friday the “stations of the cross” along with Ma in our parish church, then a trip to the graveyard in Sutton to visit the grave of my Grandfather (her husband), after which we’d head over to Howth to get fish fresh from the pier.  There was, and still is, only one shop on the pier where we buy our fish and that is Nicky’s Plaice.
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