04 Sep

Hidden Vegetable Pasta

My children will eat most vegetables so long as they are disguised. This sauce fools them into eating several different types of vegetables and is simple to prepare.

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08 Jun

Warming Chickpea Stew

I could write paragraphs & paragraphs about the rotten weather, how it’s meant to be warmer in June & give you masses of memories about sunkissed summer days and BBQ’s.

Instead today it’s a straight recipe for a store cupboard warming stew.  It’s vegetarian (if you prefer), cheap and quick to make particularly if the weather is so bad you don’t want to be dragging yourself from your home to get to the shops.  When I made the stew this week I used 1 batch of my Special Sauce (500ml) from the freezer to get some hidden veg into the kids and on chopping.  Feel free to add vegetables if you like but if you want a smoother sauce just substitute my sauce for a tin of chopped tomatoes.
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