20 May

Wonderful Piece Of Fantasy

During an interview last week I was asked if I would go back to my old job if the opportunity presented itself. I got to daydreaming about this wonderful piece of fantasy:

It’s 7.30am and I’m sitting at my desk, suited, heeled, make up in all the right places, hot cup of tea just finished and I’m running through all the emails that have come in overnight.

I’ve been up since 5.30 but in that time I’ve had a hot shower in peace, blow dried my hair commuted over 60km, enjoyed my favourite radio shows and even had a sneaky 40 winks on the train.

Yes, a wonderful piece of fantasy indeed!

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22 Apr

The Next Step

It’ll come as no surprise to some of my readers that I have been working on something bigger than this blog; the next step if you will. I’ve always said that if the blog made a difference to just 1 person then the website was worthwhile. When I started Wholesome Ireland just over a year ago that was my mantra. I repeated it to myself a lot in the early days. Read More

19 Apr

Grocery Budget Update

On Monday I blogged about what it was like living on a tight grocery budget. On Tuesday I told you how I was managing my meals with what I had bought, along with a recipe for Homemade Soft White Rolls. On Wednesday told you all how NOT to go shopping.

Today is Friday; a week since I last took out money for the shopping and I figure it’s about time I gave you a grocery budget update. Read More

15 Apr

Living On A Tight Grocery Budget

Yesterday the Sunday Independent in Ireland carried 2 pieces about how a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children) would struggle living on a tight grocery budget of €175 per week for groceries. As you may know, our budget is far lower. Here’s how we have been getting on since Friday and I’ll update this post again later on on the week.

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07 Apr

New Allotments Are Taking Shape

Last weekend the hour “sprang” forward and so we have nearly an extra hour in the day to work on the plot. The new allotments are taking shape, we got our polytunnel this week which was a big deal to us. Himself has been down there every day. Putting raised beds together, moving manure, topsoil, digging over the polytunnel, rotovating a wide open area for some loose beds and doing general scrubbing and cleaning of the shed.
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20 Feb

Community Allotment Scheme

Front GardenSo here we are. It is suddenly all seeming very real. Our little huge community allotment scheme is just about ready to open in Balbriggan. Read More

24 Dec

Last Minute Christmas List

Well I never did get to do all the 12 days of Christmas blogposts.

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20 Dec

New Christmas Traditions

photo-002This year is the first year that the 4 year old has been an active participant in preparing for Christmas. Not just enjoying the lights or the present unwrapping.

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15 Dec

Gift of Time Vouchers

Christmas Voucher PicI’ve been blogging and talking about Christmas on a budget a decent amount this week. Well okay, a lot! Here’s something that may make your Christmas gifting a bit easier. Read More

10 Dec

Tip 5: Coupons, Stockpiling & Bargain Hunting

In Tip 5 of my blog series on how to save money on your grocery budget I’m giving you some tips and websites that you can use for research. Read More

03 Dec

Don’t Be Duped When Going Grocery Shopping

Continuing the series on how to save money on your grocery bill, I’m going to let you in on a few retail secrets so that you can shop more effectively.  Don’t be duped when you’re going grocery shopping. Read More

25 Nov

Tip 3: Know What You Have

This is possibly one of the biggest things you can do to save money on your grocery bills.  Physically it’s going to take you a while so set a little bit of time aside to do it.

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