18 Nov

Tip 2: Be Prepared with Essential Equipment

Are you prepared before you go shopping? Really? Here’s some shopping kit that you may already be using and others that you may not.
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11 Nov

Tip 1: Eat Less Meat

This is the first in a new blog series on how to reduce your grocery bill and still eat healthily.

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23 Jun


For a change this isn’t a blogpost with a recipe. Call it a musing if you will, about the Ulster Bank issue and how our lives have changed.

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29 Feb

Meal Planning

Things I have learnt from doing the stocktake:

  • You could wrap our entire estate in the amount of kitchen roll I found in the bottom of the press.
  • If I’m ever stuck for cement I have plenty of weetabix which will suffice.
  • There is enough coffee here to last for years, probably because I don’t drink the stuff.

What I need to buy to carry us through the next week:

  • Milk – yep, that’s it.

I have enough fruit in dried and frozen form to last more than a week. There are loads of vegetables in the fridge and the freezer, plenty of butter and yoghurts.  I have enough meat in the freezer to feed us and plenty of eggs.
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28 Feb


I don’t know about anybody else but filling our bellies and cupboards on a budget is tough going sometimes. My heart wishes we could buy Irish as much as possible, source food locally and support organic producers. My purse on the other hand & consequently my head, reminds me that we have a serious budget to stick to. Today is the last day of the month which means our bank account will take a hammering and the next credit to our account is due on Tuesday (Child Benefit). I have the princely sum of €9.50 in my purse which is clearly not going to stretch very far. I last did a grocery shop over a week ago but I did get some meat from the butcher on Saturday (today is Wednesday). The question might be can I manage without going shopping until then but truthfully it is do I need to go shopping at all?
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