Where Does Your Meat Come From?

If you buy your meat at the supermarket you can clearly see where the meat has come from. Plain meat with no sauces or “value added” to the package. If you go to a decent supermarket, you’ll be able to see which farm reared the animal that the meat is from, or which county it’s …

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Are Groceries More Expensive In Ireland?

I believed that grocery prices in Ireland are expensive; I felt they are steadily on the rise again, spurred on by the report from The Guardian published on Saturday, I’ve revisited my grocery shopping list from a few years ago to see how the prices differ.

Let’s Talk About Pigs

Why I haven’t blogged about the pigs? After all I’ve written about many aspects of my family life, including the allotment produce, so why not the pigs? Some of you reading this might be thinking what pigs? That’s  understandable too as I’ve not written about them much. We keep pigs as part of a group. …

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Over Half A Million Hungry Irish People

1 in 5 children either go to school hungry or to bed hungry due to lack of food in the household1. 1 in 10 adults say that they cannot afford to feed themselves a healthy diet on the amount of money they have to live on2. In 2011, there were 1,148,687 children in Ireland3, 1/5 …

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Massive F’n TV

Ever wondered how a family on a small income can afford a “massive fucking tv”? That’s a quote from Jamie Oliver by the way! It’s easy looking from the outside in to assume that being on a low income means that you shouldn’t or can’t have the trappings of a modern lifestyle. The Savings Trap …

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What Drives Our Food Choices?

The OECD say that the share of people feeling that they cannot afford food has climbed to 10%. As I detailed in my recent blogpost, if you cannot afford food, there is little structure in place for those who find themselves going hungry.  If you do not want to seek assistance from a religious organisation, …

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Always Read The Label

Normally when I go to the supermarket I have my route planned, I know the areas I want to shop in, the things I want to buy and a fair idea how much it’s going to cost me. There are certain items you need to watch out for and here are a few that have …

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What Happens If You Have No Food?

I was all geared up to write a post about buns, cupcakes and fairycakes. Honestly. I even had photographs ready to go and then something stopped me in my tracks.  Namely the BBC programme for Sports Relief that aired on Wednesday and Thursday nights, called “Famous, Rich And Hungry” and then that got me thinking. …

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One Week’s Groceries

I’m regularly asked how I manage this €70 food budget I have. I figure now is as good a time as any to show you what one week’s groceries comprises in this house.  Actually it’s what I have to buy this week.

What Is Frugal Food?

What is Frugal Food? According to the BBC Good Food Show on Monday evening, a meal of lamb belly with a mash was incredibly frugal, costing just under £2 per portion (€2.40 but effectively up to 40% more than this as grocery prices in Ireland are higher). The guidelines under the new Insolvency legislation in …

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Irish Food In 2014

Over the past 3 weeks, a number of interesting marketing and food predictions have crossed my desk. Some I’ve found on social media, some I’ve received by email and others have featured in conventional media like newspapers and radio. They’ve been (for the most part) well researched, informed and based upon years of experience.  However …

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Eating Frugally

This is a short one with just a couple of tips on how to save your food budget a bit, eating frugally and make the food you have stretch further. I’ve included my stocktaking template for you to download and print off as many times as you like.

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