18 Aug

More Expensive To Feed A Family

I originally blogged about this topic in May 2011 on my old blog – Wholesome Cook. Today I was messing around on the blog and found the old blog post, I’d kind of forgotten about my old blog. So I re-read what I’d written with great interest. As an experiment, I took the original shopping list and ran it through the same online shopping website. The results are very interesting.

So is it true? Is it more expensive to feed a family in August 2013, compared to May 2011? Read on to find out.

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11 Jul

Review of Wild Food

The discussion amongst fellow food lovers in Ireland has been split right down the middle over the past fortnight. On one side the excitement from those who love to forage and make things with elderflower was evident. On the other hand I spotted more than a few “foodies” lament that they didn’t like the stuff and can’t stand the foraging movement.

Elderflower, according to more than one, is the new wild garlic. En vogue on food blogs and finding it’s pesky way into seasonal menus nationwide. Read More

04 Jul

Review of Veronicas Snacks

Veronica recently sent me a selection of their baked organic snacks so that the kids and I could try them out. She has also provided me with a hamper of her treats for one lucky reader. Read More

24 Jun

Review: Food For Friends by Edward Hayden

Published in April 2013, Food For Friends by Edward Hayden is well timed for summer parties and  home entertaining.  I was sent a copy of the book for review and here’s my thoughts: Read More

03 Jun

Bloom In The Park 2013

If you’re into gardening and the UK is just a little bit too far for you to travel to see the big flower shows then Bloom In The Park is for you. While it might be the Irish version of the more popular events like Chelsea Flower Show, it is in fact far more as Bloom also hosts a vibrant food festival. Read More

10 Apr

Tayto Chocolate – The Verdict

Okay it’s here. Tayto sent me 2 bars in the post yesterday, and they have just arrived in the letterbox.  It’s about time therefore that I gave you “Tayto Chocolate – The Verdict”.

I feel I owe it to you readers.

We all know who made the first Real Chocolate Tayto. If you have been living under a rock since January just click that link. Read More

10 Mar

SuperValu & The Great Irish Event

Supervalu are running the Great Irish Event to coincide with Seachtain na Gaeilge.  I decided to take a look at it in-depth, comparing to my own criteria for a family on a budget and a balanced diet. Read More

21 Jan

Cheap Food in Ireland, At What Price?

Loathe as I am to go on one of my rants about cheap food in Ireland; the commentary in media, both classical (radio/television/print) and social has me on my high horse. Cheap food in Ireland, at what price? Read More

14 Dec

Review: Martin & Paul’s Surf ‘n’ Turf

Book Review 1Stuck for a last minute present for a foodie? Looking for a book that captures modern Irish cooking and a sense of place? Then my book review for the 3rd day of my 12 days of Christmas series may be for you. Read More

19 Aug

Review: Bon Appetit Malahide

Last Wednesday evening I joined a group of fellow food bloggers for a meal at Bon Appetit, Malahide as guests of Oliver Dunne. It was a lovely mid-week treat and for me a very welcome way of relaxing after a stressful few weeks.

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03 Aug

Bloom 2012

A compilation of a few of my best photographs from Bloom 2012 along with a little commentary.

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13 May

Review: Il Valentino

This day last week I joined a small group of Irish Food Bloggers on a visit to the Il Valentino Continental Bakery on the Grand Canal Docks in Dublin organised by fellow blogger, Clare from An American in Ireland.
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