Ham Soup With Dumplings

This ham soup with dumplings is a great one-pot meal. You could even freeze the cooking water from the ham on Christmas Day and reheat it to make the soup at a later date. NB: Soup mix is a dried mixture of pulses that you can buy in your supermarket. There are 2 types. One …

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Black Pudding Salad

You might have seen the recent video where Buzzfeed staff in the US decided to try out some Irish ‘snacks’. I’m not sure that many Irish people snack on black pudding. That’s not to say that we don’t like it. The only person who won’t eat it in the family is the 15-year-old, simply because …

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Grilled Turkey Wrap With Pesto

I recently had the opportunity to work with a piece of kit from Tefal called the OptiGrill. I have to emphasise I am under no obligation to share my recipes here on the blog. However, I am genuinely impressed with the grill; how it cooks food, how I was able to use it for many …

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Take 1 Chicken, Meal 2 of 3

This is the second in a series of 3 blog posts where I’m sharing recipes for a family of 5 for under 63c per portion, based on 1 roast chicken. For the shopping list, and first recipe, check out my first post from Sunday evening “Take 1 Chicken, Meal 1 of 3“.

Turkey Carrot Rice Crackers

This day fortnight (insert shriek of panic here) you will probably get to the point where you don’t want to see another piece of turkey or ham for a month. Yet sitting in front of you is half an uneaten turkey and likewise a ham. Christmas can be a time of excess and you’ll always …

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Pearl Barley Salad

I’m working through my store cupboard ingredients one by one to try and rotate my stock. This pearl barley salad is a different use for a grain I’d normally use for stocks and soups.

Potatoes in a Jar

It’s National Potato Day on Saturday 25th August, here’s a quick potatoes in a jar recipe to celebrate that uses leftovers. It’s perfect for kid and adult lunchboxes alike. There’s also a chance to win a hamper of goodies from Keogh’s Farm!

Sausage Rolls

This is an easy way to make your own, unique sausage rolls that your kids (and big kids) will love.


; Also known as the No Need To Knead Loaf. I’m a sucker for supermarket specials. It’s for that reason I should be banned from the local Lidl, I tend to go down to the shop and stock up on the discount fruit & veg, marvel at the savings I’ve made on those and then …

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Jubilee Leftover Lunch

This is a basic coronation chicken recipe which I use for my leftover roast chicken, particularly if I’ve made a roast on a Sunday. You can tweak the fillings to the tastes that your children have and I prefer it on crackers but it’s perfect in wraps, sandwiches, pitta breads and on its own. It …

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Ham Hock Terrine

Ham hock is one of those little-used cuts in Ireland. Used so seldom that I normally have to request that the butcher keeps some for me and I rarely, if ever, see it on a supermarket shelf.  I don’t know what it is but it seems that any cut of meat that involves a bone …

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Jar Salad

In my “celtic tigress” days I would have thought nothing of roasting a chicken, picking what meat I liked and then throwing away the carcass.  It’s far from throwing away the carcass I was reared and my mother still makes her own stock from roast chicken which I now do as well. If I’m careful …

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