Leftover Colcannon

What? You mean you don’t have any? Well you clearly didn’t make enough Colcannon in the first place.  You need to have some leftover Colcannon, as this recipe is easy, blásta (tasty) and quick. Have it for lunch tomorrow or a simple supper.

Warm Pear Salad

This is another of those “free meals” using leftovers from the Lidl recipe booklet that I’ve written about in the past week. You’ll find the Irish Lasagne and Kedgeree by clicking on their respective names. 

Irish Tomatoes

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? It’s a common table quiz question and I can categorically say it’s a fruit. These Irish tomatoes are just a very small percentage of our growing in the polytunnel this year.

Free Cheese

I am in possession of some free cheese. Well it’s not exactly free. It’s cheese that was provided to various charities and organisations in Ireland to distribute to those in need on behalf of the EU Food Aid programme.

How Cheap Is It To Make Your Own Baked Beans?

Is convenience food as cheap as you think it is really? Does it give more or less nutritional benefits? I’ve done a bit of investigation so you don’t have to. This case study was originally published on my blog in 2013. Since then, energy and food prices have increased significantly and therefore it is no …

How Cheap Is It To Make Your Own Baked Beans? Read More »

Dosa (Indian Style Savoury Pancakes) with a Speedy Cucumber Pickle

Pancakes in our house aren’t just reserved for Shrove Tuesday. These dosa (Indian style savoury pancakes) are very simple to make and pair very well with my Nana’s speedy pickle.

Roast Potato Consommé

It’s not your ordinary leftover soup. This is my new love for leftover roast potatoes. Not that we have many in the house but if you manage to reserve a few, it’s worth trying.

Fake Tinned Spaghetti

This tinned spaghetti recipe hasn’t actually seen the inside of a tin (well apart from the tinned tomatoes I used to make it). Instead it’s a fake version to hide the good stuff. Junk food this is not.

Mixed Vegetable Puddles

These mixed vegetable puddles are perfect for picky eaters and baby led weaning as once baked, they can be eaten in the hand.

Vegan Kale Pesto

Hallowe’en has passed and I’ve been left with plenty of raw Curly Kale.  There is only so much Colcannon the kids will eat so I’ve made it into vegan kale pesto which will keep in fridge for up to a month in a sealed jar.

Carrot, Apple And Ginger Soup

After a run of glorious sunny days, the Autumn is closing in. This carrot, apple and ginger soup makes the most of seasonal produce, freezes well and is suitable for baby weaning.

Cauliflower Soup

This creamy cauliflower soup is designed for baby’s taste but it is just as nice for adults with the addition of some roasted cauliflower “crisps” for texture. Because of the way it is prepared it remains creamy yet vegan.

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