Preparing For A Power Cut

Ever since the power went one Christmas Day when I was growing up, I’ve compiled a contingency plan so that I always have particular supplies in the house, just in case.  This can apply in times of bad weather, snow or just when there are supply problems so it’s a good idea to prepare now …

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Monitoring Your Child’s Internet Access

I originally wrote this piece in 2013 and unfortunately I’m reviewing it today in the light of discussion about children’s internet access and online safety today.

How Does She Do It?

It’s a question I’m often asked. I try to explain my weekly work schedule in the home and outside of the home and I see people’s eyes glaze over. In truth, the writing part of my life is not a hardship. I could sit at a computer and write my heart out. Some days I …

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Mental Load – Food For Thought

There’s a point in a recent documentary on RTÉ1, called Ireland’s Health Divide, where Dr Eva Orsmond can’t get her head around a woman from Limerick buying so much processed food. The woman says that she doesn’t buy Coke (Cola) anymore because it’s worse than the other bottles of fizzy drinks on the countertop in …

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Leaving Cert Results Day

Being ancient (according to my children) means that I remember this day in crystal moments, not as a full day. Driving my mother mad by not collecting my results until later on in the day. Crying bitter tears as I missed my number one choice on the CAO by 5 points. Going to another school …

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Learning From A Two Week Digital Detox

Originally published in October 2015. Sure it’s only two weeks I said to myself as I mailed my essential contacts to let them know that I wouldn’t be available for a fortnight. I set up a blogpost so that readers would know what I was up to. Then I deleted social media applications from my …

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Dear Sky TV

We’ve had a long relationship where I hand over money to you and watch a few shows a day. I kidded myself by justifying the ridiculous price for television channels as I don’t drink or smoke and we rarely go out. I believed that I had lifestyle of fabulous TV programming and a way to …

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Back To School

Choosing School Uniforms

I apologise for this post as I know that for some parents the thoughts of getting uniforms and organising back-to-school stuff waits until August. Having just bought some of the new uniform for the Autumn term I thought it might be worthwhile to explain what I learned last year and how it has affected my …

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Financial Stress

When I was pregnant with my first son, I had a terrible time with my hips and back. After he was born the pain didn’t go away, it got worse and worse. I had a searing pain down my leg and I struggled to walk.

Katie Hopkins on RTÉ

Last night, one of the biggest TV chat shows in Ireland, The Late Late Show, aired an interview with Katie Hopkins on RTÉ. The main topic of the interview was why she felt stay at home parents were lazy.

Christmas Pressures

Christmas is magical, it’s a time when wishes come true, houses are warm, bellies are full, children are happy.  It’s the one season where we bust a gut to try and make things as perfect for the kids as they can be.

Breastfeeding Vouchers

What does it say about us as a society when mothers in disadvantaged areas are offered breastfeeding vouchers, a payment, as an incentive to improve breastfeeding rates?

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