26 Aug

Dear Miley Cyrus

Dear Miley Cyrus,

You look really uncomfortable. Read More

25 Aug

School Expenses

I thought it might be a good idea to talk about some of the 4 year old’s starting school expenses, how I think they compare to other schools and also go into some of the hidden costs that you may not have considered.  As I chatted about this with my fellow Irish Parenting Bloggers, we realised that this was an issue that many of us would like to discuss and share our opinions and feelings so you will see more links appearing below as we blog about it. Read More

01 Aug

World Breastfeeding Week

As a food blogger I thought long and hard about writing this post. In Ireland there is a cultural taboo about discussing breastfeeding as a food choice. This is World Breastfeeding Week however and it’s about time I discussed it on the blog.  The Irish Parenting Bloggers group are holding a blog march to celebrate and discuss their breastfeeding experiences.

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17 Jul


She said what now? That doesn’t make sense. If you’re on a budget then of course you’re budgeting.

Well sort of. Read More

13 Jul

Saving Money In The Sun

After a shopping trip yesterday, it got me to thinking about how the sunshine affects a family on a budget. Maybe some of these ways of saving money in the sun might help.

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09 Jun

Women In The Workplace

I’m a stay at home mother.

The home is my workplace.

Does that make me any less of a working mother than those who have to go to paid employment? I don’t think so. Read More

30 Apr

Keeping Calm Is Over Rated

Keeping calm is over rated.  I assure you.

As a parent, I spend most of my day keeping calm.

The baby wakes at 5am, I keep calm. I find toothpaste squirted into the overflow of the sink, I keep calm. I walk 4km in the sun only for it to rain on the return and I discover I’ve no raincover for the buggy, I keep calm. I take the baby down from the table for the 17th time before 10am and, yep you’ve guessed it, I keep calm. Read More

17 Apr

How NOT To Go Shopping

If you were to go shopping, I’d recommend you bring a list with you.  Before you made that list, I’d tell you to do a stock take of your cupboards to see what you have.

I’d tell you not to go shopping on an empty stomach.  Then to go at a quiet time with no distractions.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a shopping failure for me. If you want to know how not to go shopping, read on. Read More

14 Oct

Let Them Eat Cake

This is the seventh blogpost of the Irish Parenting Bloggers’ #BlogMarch across 10 blogs over 10 days.  The aim of the BlogMarch is to protest against the proposed Child Benefit cuts in Ireland.  We all have varying opinions and beliefs as to what should happen but we are united in our belief that Child Benefit shouldn’t be radically cut.

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