07 Apr

New Allotments Are Taking Shape

Last weekend the hour “sprang” forward and so we have nearly an extra hour in the day to work on the plot. The new allotments are taking shape, we got our polytunnel this week which was a big deal to us. Himself has been down there every day. Putting raised beds together, moving manure, topsoil, digging over the polytunnel, rotovating a wide open area for some loose beds and doing general scrubbing and cleaning of the shed.
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18 Mar

14 Days Worth Of Podcasts

So Seachtain na Gaeilge is over and I’ve been left with 14 days worth of podcasts. I thought now would be as good a time as any to review how I got on with the podcasts. Read More

16 Mar

Seachtain Na Gaeilge

Má leirionn an blog go minic thú, béidh a fhios agat gur socraidh mé post amhain a scriobh le haghaidh Seachtain Na Gaeilge inniu.

Laibhrim ár dteanga sa bhaile, taobh amuigh srl ach ní bíonn gá dom é a scriobh go minic. So gabh mo leithsceil Gaeilgoirí, táim ag déanamh iarracht!

‘Se bia an priomh-fáth go bhfuil blog agam. Ní oideas atá agam daoibh inniú mar tá sé thar a bheith easca a déanamh so ní feidir liom an tearma “oideas” a cúr air!

Ar aon nós, bia fíor-Eireannach atá ann. Usaid mé prataí nua beaga, píosa cáis mozzarella ó Toonsbridge, slisín gearrtha agus biolar a bhí in a fás ag mo mhac in aice leis an fuinneog ar scoil. Chuir mé gach rud le cheile, agus faoin greille leo (seachas an biolar) ar feadh 10 noimead.


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20 Feb

Community Allotment Scheme

Front GardenSo here we are. It is suddenly all seeming very real. Our little huge community allotment scheme is just about ready to open in Balbriggan. Read More

10 Feb

Planning The Summer Project (Again)

It’s that time of the year where I (along with my husband and co-conspirators) start to plan the Summer Project in our community.  That means that I’m taking a harder look than normal at what’s available around here for youth, what they can do, how they play or hang around (if they’re older) and what we can offer. Read More

24 Dec

Last Minute Christmas List

Well I never did get to do all the 12 days of Christmas blogposts.

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20 Dec

New Christmas Traditions

photo-002This year is the first year that the 4 year old has been an active participant in preparing for Christmas. Not just enjoying the lights or the present unwrapping.

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15 Dec

Gift of Time Vouchers

Christmas Voucher PicI’ve been blogging and talking about Christmas on a budget a decent amount this week. Well okay, a lot! Here’s something that may make your Christmas gifting a bit easier. Read More

10 Dec

Tip 5: Coupons, Stockpiling & Bargain Hunting

In Tip 5 of my blog series on how to save money on your grocery budget I’m giving you some tips and websites that you can use for research. Read More

15 Nov

How To: Proper Irish Tea

Howaya, c’mon in, pull up a chair and I’ll stick the kettle on. It’s time for me to share the secret of my perfect Irish brewed tea with you.

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14 Oct

Let Them Eat Cake

This is the seventh blogpost of the Irish Parenting Bloggers’ #BlogMarch across 10 blogs over 10 days.  The aim of the BlogMarch is to protest against the proposed Child Benefit cuts in Ireland.  We all have varying opinions and beliefs as to what should happen but we are united in our belief that Child Benefit shouldn’t be radically cut.

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10 Apr

What Easter Eggs?

I’m a foodblogger with good intentions. Plenty of good intentions, and since last Wednesday I’ve been tormented by my homemade Easter Eggs.
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