Tip 5: Coupons, Stockpiling & Bargain Hunting

In Tip 5 of my blog series on how to save money on your grocery budget I’m giving you some tips and websites that you can use for research.

How To: Proper Irish Tea

Howaya, c’mon in, pull up a chair and I’ll stick the kettle on. It’s time for me to share the secret of my perfect Irish brewed tea with you.

Let Them Eat Cake

This is the seventh blogpost of the Irish Parenting Bloggers’ #BlogMarch across 10 blogs over 10 days.  The aim of the BlogMarch is to protest against the proposed Child Benefit cuts in Ireland.  We all have varying opinions and beliefs as to what should happen but we are united in our belief that Child Benefit …

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What Easter Eggs?

I’m a foodblogger with good intentions. Plenty of good intentions, and since last Wednesday I’ve been tormented by my homemade Easter Eggs.


No matter what age I am I still get a kick out of seeing bubbles float in the air. My 3 year old is mad for bubbles and would play with them all day long. If allowed to choose a treat in the shops it will normally be bubble related. He has a “lawnmower” that …

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