14 Aug

School Bag Charm

Today I’d like to introduce you to my friend Michelle who blogs at Mollymoo. She is incredibly talented, winner of Irish Craft Blog of the year (amongst several other categories) at 2012 Blog Awards Ireland, an amazing crafter, photographer and graphic designer.  Michelle, along with Miss Molly have designed a very special piece of crafting that kids can do by themelves (with a little adult help).  Today they’re making school bag charms.  If you’ve not checked out Michelle’s blog yet, please do. It is amazing and great, great fun. Read More

12 Aug

Things I’m Loving This Week

Not a review, not sponsored, not requested. In fact I’m going to try not to mention any brands where possible.  There are certain things I’m loving this week that may give you a clue into the mayhem I live in. Read More

08 Aug


A sweet crop of golden sweetcorn has been harvested at the allotment and it’s pretty special. I also have some news! Read More

01 Aug

World Breastfeeding Week

As a food blogger I thought long and hard about writing this post. In Ireland there is a cultural taboo about discussing breastfeeding as a food choice. This is World Breastfeeding Week however and it’s about time I discussed it on the blog.  The Irish Parenting Bloggers group are holding a blog march to celebrate and discuss their breastfeeding experiences.

Read More

31 Jul

Allotment Tales

Our allotment tales are born of long hot days and long hot nights. Even on the stillest day there is a gentle balmy breeze wafting across the site from the sea. Read More

27 Jul

Be Grateful

There are days when the blog becomes an outlet for my ire and annoyance at the daily drudge that living on a tight budget brings. Then there are days when the grey stuff clears away and I get moments of clarity where I can be grateful despite/in spite of having a rough time.

Anyway I thought I’d write down what I’m grateful for today. My friend “Looking For Blue Sky” regularly participates in a blog link called “reasons to be cheerful” and I love reading her posts. Read More

25 Jul

Kitchen Disaster

In the spirit of Mark Diacono, who yesterday blogged that he felt that more food writers should be honest about their kitchen disasters, after a wonderful mention in the Irish Times yesterday about cooking with children, and Kate Takes 5 featuring my guestpost about goggles and sprinkles; I’m coming clean. Read More

21 Jul

Adams Cloud

Have you heard about Adam’s Cloud? I first heard about Benji Bennett over 3 years ago now when I chanced across his interview on Ireland AM.  I cried, a lot, for this incredibly strong man who had written the first of what was to become a series of books in memory of his son Adam.  That award winning book is called “Before You Sleep”. Read More

17 Jul


She said what now? That doesn’t make sense. If you’re on a budget then of course you’re budgeting.

Well sort of. Read More

13 Jul

Saving Money In The Sun

After a shopping trip yesterday, it got me to thinking about how the sunshine affects a family on a budget. Maybe some of these ways of saving money in the sun might help.

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26 Jun

Subh Milis

For my mother with love, almost on the anniversary of the day I stopped eating strawberries. Thank you for teaching me about Subh Milis (sweet jam). Read More

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