25 May

Simple Coleslaw

Simple Coleslaw, homemade and low fat

Homemade simple coleslaw from Wholesome Ireland – Irish Food & Parenting Blog

Do you like simple coleslaw?  I detest the shop bought, greasy with mayonnaise, too much salt, identikit coleslaw.  You know the one where all the pieces are smaller than a corn kernel and it has more in common with cottage cheese in terms of appearance & texture.  Well this is healthy, crunchy & raw simple coleslaw.  You use the best of fresh ingredients and skimp on the mayonnaise.

I got this recipe from my mother who has been making a variation on this recipe for years.  Whenever there’s a family BBQ it’s a given that she will bring this coleslaw along and there is rarely any leftover to take home for sandwiches the next day!
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10 May

Spice Mix

When in the supermarket there are about 2 aisles that I gloss over now that I previously wouldn’t have.  They contain factory made sauces in jars, preserved food in tins, spice mixes and meal “convenience packs”. I do stock up on some tinned foods like tomatoes and certain beans for salads but mainly I skim over the 2 aisles. I can see why you could be tempted by packets of pre-mixed spices for meat and vegetables and jars of sauces, particularly when you’re in a hurry.

There are days when I’m climbing the walls from a teething baby and a cranky toddler that I could be tempted to grab a jar and lash a dinner together and I confess I have done in the past. The problem is that it just doesn’t taste the same, to us, as something that I’ve pulled together myself and there are a large number of preservatives in spice mixes and jars of sauce. Also if I were to use a jar or a packet more than once a week the cost would make a big dent in my shopping budget.
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