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Crispy Chickpeas

We’re not long back from Bloom 2013 and I’m a bit peckish. I may have over indulged a little earlier in the day so I decided to make these quick and easy crispy chickpeas which are far more virtuous than my shopping basket!

Real Chocolate Taytos

There’s no doubt that chocolate and Tayto go together but what if they really, really went together?

Red Cabbage Pickle

It’s the 7th day of my 12 Days of Christmas blog series. Today it’s a little something different that you can gift, or keep for yourself for the table. A seasonal red cabbage pickle.

Twice Cooked Kale Stalks with Garlic and Chilli

This recipe makes use of kale stalks that I would normally put in the compost bin. Instead I’ve twice cooked kale stalks with garlic and chilli.

Apple & Whiskey BBQ Sauce

While it’s getting cooler we’ve got a run of clear days so why not fire up the BBQ and wear a jumper? This warming BBQ sauce is seasonal with apples and a whiskey kick!

Baked Potato Chips / Fries

Using a deep fat fryer isn’t an option when I fancy chips. So instead of having a potentially dangerous appliance on the go, I bake our fries.

Pickled Beetroot

Beetroot is in season and pickling is a simple way to preserve it. You don’t need loads of tools or time, just a small amount of preparation and space in your cupboard.

Bread Sticks

The baby has reached the stage where he can grab food and put it into his mouth. It has resulted in many messes and an unforgettable evening where Daddy gave him a piece of banana while I snook out to a meeting for 1 hour. A packet of wipes, dunk in the bathtub and a …

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Simple Coleslaw

Do you like simple coleslaw?  I detest the shop bought, greasy with mayonnaise, too much salt, identikit coleslaw.  You know the one where all the pieces are smaller than a corn kernel and it has more in common with cottage cheese in terms of appearance & texture.  Well this is healthy, crunchy & raw simple …

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BBQ Chilli Sauce

On Saturday I spotted some sunshine beginning to peek through the clouds.  Then it began to burn off the clouds and I saw a wide expanse of blue sky and found the sun on the patio.  It was so warm it got up to 17 degrees in the back, North facing, garden.  What better excuse …

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Spice Mix

When in the supermarket there are about 2 aisles that I gloss over now that I previously wouldn’t have.  They contain factory made sauces in jars, preserved food in tins, spice mixes and meal “convenience packs”. I do stock up on some tinned foods like tomatoes and certain beans for salads but mainly I skim …

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Homemade Butter

When I was 14 I took part in a school foreign exchange programme with a school in Avignon, France. You would think that it was a marvellous opportunity to learn about amazing french cuisine and taste some new foods.  Unfortunately you would be wrong.  My hosts didn’t seem to eat a lot of French food, …

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