28 Mar

Mint Cream Brownies

The store cupboard has reached rock bottom status. I lashed together some brownies today using my tried & tested recipe, added in some peppermint and got mint cream brownies. The stuff good-goo is made of.

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24 Mar

Sweet Potato Cake

Lemon drizzle cake, but not as you know it. This sweet potato cake is moist, surprisingly light and I promise there isn’t a hint of savoury potato flavour hidden under the tart, sweet, crunchy topping made from lemon juice and caster sugar. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you’d be fooled into thinking there wasn’t a bit of potato anywhere near this cake.

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05 Mar

Lemon Poppyseed Biscuits

While black poppyseeds are a visual feast, they can be more expensive to buy than a mixture. These lemon poppyseed biscuits use white and black seeds but taste just the same. Read More

17 Feb

Treacle, Ginger and Oat Banana Bread

The rules in our house say that if you have ripe bananas, you make banana bread. This Treacle, Ginger and Oat Banana Bread is low GI and lower in fat than a normal banana cake/bread recipe. Read More

07 Feb

Apple Crumble Cake With Cream

Warm or cold, this cake with apple and a dark crumble topping is the kind of food I like to eat at home. Read More

12 Jan

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Raspberries and chocolate together make for a light, fragrant and not too sweet cake. Read More

17 Dec

Last Minute Freezer Cookies for Christmas

Christmas Spice CookiesIt’s just about the halfway mark on my 12 Days of Christmas blogposts and here’s a recipe for last minute freezer cookies for Christmas that you can bake in 10 minutes straight. Great for last minute callers or gifts. Read More

03 Nov

Chocolate Bar Blondies For Leftover Treats

Now Hallowe’en has passed, I’ve been left with a lot of too many chocolate bars.  There are only so many you can eat in a day so I tend to bake with them.  This is one of my recipes which is a hit with adults and kids alike.

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29 Oct

Almond Perry Pudding with Pear & Perry Syrup

Because I’ve not used conventional wheat flour in this recipe it has been difficult to perfect. However the use of Perry (not Pear Cider!) lifts the this almond perry pudding with pear & perry syrup and creates a delicate flavour.

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21 Sep

Blackberry and Lemon Cake

I find something calming in the structure of baking. I’ve baked blackberry and lemon mini-loaves for a family party this weekend.

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14 Sep

Cookie Dough for Cutters

I have much to be grateful for, and have had a very exciting week. It’s time to celebrate with some cookies that you can cut and will keep their shape in the oven when baking.

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07 Sep

Sugarfree Tea Cake

This sugarfree tea cake is lower in fat than normal cakes and yet remains moist thanks to the addition of tea. I also have a new competition for my readers!

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