30 Aug

Jellybean Rainbow Cake

This cake looks like it was lifted straight from Willy Wonka’s factory, however it is incredibly easy to make. You don’t need to be an experienced baker, all you need is patience. If you’ve come across this because I’ve shared it before the Irish Constitutional Referendum tomorrow. Remember it’s the white page for the Marriage Referendum. I’ll be voting YES or TÁ by placing a nice clear “X” in the box – not a tick as this might not be counted.

I’ve kept my mouth closed about the campaigning and posters for the most part (imagine that). I believe in equality for all families in all their wonderful shapes and sizes – ours doesn’t conform to the “norm” and certain posters have been quite insulting. I’ll be making my vote count tomorrow. I hope that you will choose to vote too.

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24 Jul

Beetroot Cake

Moist, dense and hiding beetroot, you could be forgiven for thinking this Beetroot Cake was a good take on “death by chocolate”. Read More

17 Jul

Trifle Cake

Madeira cake soaked in fruit jelly, sandwiched with egg custard, coated in caramel marshmallow and topped with fresh fruit. Meet the Trifle Cake. Read More

03 Jul

Chocolate Orange Cake

When I’m stressed I cook but baking in particular calms me. You have to use perfectly controlled quantities, methods and timings to get the best results. This is a moist, simple chocolate orange cake to calm the nerves. Read More

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