Microwave Bakewell Cake

It’s been a few days of unconventional methods. Yesterday I bribed the children with chocolate and lollipops to get them to stay quiet for a few minutes for an important interview. I had limited success and it’s not a regular occurrence. The Mammy Police can stand down! Today I’m advocating adultery. Not in the conventional …

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Mint Chocolate Thins For St Patrick’s Day

From a very early age we were allowed to participate in the culinary olympics in our house, and no more so for St Patrick’s Day.

Edible Soil / Dirt and Novelty Flowerpot Cake

I made edible soil yesterday so that I could sprinkle it on top of a Novelty Flowerpot Cake, of which I’ve made two in the past day.

Basic No-Bake Kitchen Sink Cake

When I’ve no time to bake, this is my fall back quick recipe. No need to heat an oven, it takes 20 minutes start to finish plus chilling time and the basic mixture can be changed to suit your store cupboard ingredients.

Lemon Meringue Toffee

I’ve been working on this recipe for a while.  Toffee can be difficult to perfect but with a few quick tricks this doesn’t take long to make up.  For these lemon meringue toffees less is more.

Gluten Free Ghostly Bites for Halloween

There will be plenty of my family’s traditional food for Halloween over the next few weeks.  This is a new, no-bake, and sure to be a firm favourite.

Sweet Popcorn Balls

Halloween is just about a month away now and my mind has turned to treats that I can make with the kids. I may make some of these to hang around the house but I’m not sure they’ll last long enough to be viewed.

Protein Bites

I have a range of eaters in this house. From the “dustbin” who will hoover up everything in their path and who will try any new flavour at least once, to the “bird” who will eat small amounts of power foods and what they can hold in their hand.

Crispy Slice

If like me you’ve picked up a crispy slice made by a well known cereal company, eaten it and then thought afterwards it wasn’t that great then this is the slice for you. Personally I find the manufactured bar can be too sweet and compressed tightly to get it into the packet. The kids love …

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Cheat’s Semi-Freddo

The hour went forward in Ireland this weekend and the change in daytime brought a run of incredibly sunny days with it. Everyday since Sunday we have been treated to temperatures of up to 20 degrees celcius (and sometimes more) and glorious sunshine. I live in County Dublin so while I’m close enough to the …

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Rhubarb Tagliatelle

Okay I admit it, I have a bit of an obsession with Rhubarb.  It is one of my favourite fruits and because it’s in season at the moment it’s very easy, and cheap to get a hold of. I will do some chutneys towards the end of the season but at the moment it’s so …

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