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    Pumpkin, Two And A Half Ways – Sort Of

    The school holidays are passing by in a blur of homemaking. We have spent many happy days at the allotment once again and the boys are thriving. I swear it’s like I’ve given them an “ent draft”  and they will start sprouting soon! We have made many, many days preparing, steaming and freezing vegetables. There is no more space in the freezer for vegetables which is a great sign. My hubby has a giant brew of homemade cider fermenting away with Christmas in mind. There are still recipes to be tested and there is always work to be done though and when I sat down to write up these recipes…

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    Allotment Tour

    I’ve not been out running this week. Since I smashed my record time at the Park Run last weekend, my left knee hasn’t been right so I have had to rest it. I figured for the vlog this week instead I’d give you a bit of a tour of the allotment. I’ve trimmed the video a bit because I didn’t realise how windy it was on Sunday morning! Also the 6-year-old displayed some pretty spectacular comic timing with the water hose about halfway through. Messer! Some background information for you:

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    Sugar Free Brownies

    In my last blogpost I shared a vlog of my own journey of getting fitter and losing weight. I am depending on nobody else to lose weight for me, or to help me get fit. It does help though that there is somebody else working alongside me, towards a similar goal. My husband and I are extremely competitive with one another so when he suggested he could do with getting more active himself it made it far easier. This morning he got a major boost where he lost enough weight to say he was the lightest he had been in over 15 years. So far he’s lost a total of…

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    Sugar-Free Fruit Jelly

    And so my quest for sugar-free treats continues. I went into the supermarket the other day to take a look at jelly. I don’t mean the super-sweet bag of sweets, I mean the jelly that you make up yourself. The kids and I like it for a sweet treat on occasion. First up, the block of jelly that you cut into cubes then dissolve in hot water. That contains a lot of sugar. Instantly that got crossed off my list. Next, the powdered jelly in sachets that you dissolve in hot water. They’re marked sugar-free. Hooray I thought, only when I had a good look at the ingredients list I…

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    Dynamite Broccoli

    We are slowly working our way through the Autumn vegetables from the allotment. Last week I used up the last of our own broccoli and I admit I’m a little bit disappointed that it’s all gone now. I’ve planted some other varieties of brassica (the vegetable family that our broccoli belongs to) for over the winter. It’s not as if we have no vegetables, it’s just that it’s one of my favourite vegetables. Recently the 15-year-old whispered over dinner that she actually liked broccoli when I cooked it. That is huge for a green-vegetable-hating-teenager let me assure you.

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    Treat Foods For Children

    Today Safefood.eu launch a new campaign aimed at encouraging parents to cut back on the quantity of treat foods that they give their children. They’re asking parents to say no to large amounts of treat foods so the campaign is called “Let’s Say No” and they’re using the hashtag: #letssayno It’s no secret that my family have made some changes to our lifestyle and don’t offer so many treat foods to the children. So I figured it might help if I explain why we do this and also how we manage it on a day-to-day basis.

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    Sugar-free Flapjacks

    “An é seo folláin?”/”Is this wholesome?” My 5-year-old requires absolute honesty when we go shopping together. He won’t buy anything unless it’s “folláin” (the Irish word for wholesome). As I call out items from the list and he wanders around the supermarket; he’ll pick up items, and check the wholesome factor. It wasn’t always like this. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have been able to walk the gauntlet that is the biscuit aisle, or the chocolate aisle, without picking up biscuits and treats. Now products that don’t pass his test get put back and he meanders on, scrutinising the shelves. If I don’t buy the sweet treats then…

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    Strawberry Cream Cake

    Last week I shared my favourite recipe for a simple strawberry jam. This week I’ve a great way to use up some (but not all) of the jam in a strawberry cream cake. I took a wee break from blogging over the weekend to overhaul the back-end of the blog. You may have noticed there are a lot more categories in the menu at the top of each page. This means you can now browse through the blog by the type of recipe you’re looking for. I’ve divided recipes up by meals and then by the main protein. This took many, many hours and I’m kicking myself that I hadn’t…

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    Strawberry Jam

    One of the best signs of Summer is when stalls by the roadside start to sell strawberries and new potatoes. If you roll down the window of the car on a warm day you can smell the sweetness as you get close. How can you resist picking up fresh local strawberries? Once we’ve gorged ourselves on punnets of fresh, warm, sun-kissed strawberries and licked our lips clean of the juices, what else can we do with them, if we have any left? Jam is a way of capturing all the summer sunshine in a jar. Its beautiful warm from the pot, spread on toast and I like to keep at…

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    Eton Mess

    There are days that I love nothing more than working in the kitchen on “oven watch”. These type of days are when I’m not stuck at my computer for hours on end, and the sun isn’t splitting the stones. Lately though, with the sunny weather and my two boys being that bit older all they want to do is to play out in the front garden with the big boys. That’s all great, except we have an open garden system where we live and that means we don’t have gates that I can close to keep the boys safe and the road is very close to the house. So if…

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    Tea Biscotti & Teaology

    A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a tasting with Barry’s Tea and their master blender Denis Daly. I didn’t need to be asked twice. If there’s tea involved, I’m there with bells on. We were treated to tea based cocktails, iced tea and got to see some vintage stamps, order books and other items inside. I was particularly taken with these: We ventured into the main room  and Mr Daly turned into a tea tasting and teaology machine. It was a lovely evening and I went home with a bag of specially blended tea from the master himself.What do you do with a bag of specially blended…

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    Lemon Curd

    A couple of weeks ago I headed to Ballymaloe where I worked with the Kerrygold Ireland team on their social media coverage for Litfest. While I was there, I gave a demonstration (using butter of course) of a quick and simple recipe that I love to make at home. There was no question when they asked me what I was making as lemon curd is very simple to make and I have great memories of my Grandmother making it when I was younger. So here is the result, a beautiful video that they shot of me cooking and sharing my lemon curd with everybody in The Big Shed. Here’s the…