22 May

Wholesome Bites

There have been some great things pop up here over the past couple of weeks so I figured I’d share them with you before I get back to the recipe blogging. I call them my Wholesome Bites.

I promise I’ve a new recipe for lemon muffins to share so if you’re interested don’t forget to check back tomorrow! Read More

23 Apr

Chocolate Banana Cake

If, by chance, you have any chocolate left over after the excesses of last Sunday, you might want to consider making this chocolate banana cake.  It’s cake, not banana bread, and will freeze for up to 2 months if wrapped well.  Not that you’re going to want it to last that long! Read More

16 Apr

Raspberry Poke Cake

Don’t worry, this raspberry poke cake isn’t a technical bake, it’s more of a crumbly gooey fun cake to make and enjoy. It won’t take you too long, and the most arduous part of this cake is the fact that you have to wait until it’s completely cool to enjoy it. Read More

29 Mar

Mothering Buns

Have you ever wondered by Mother’s Day falls on a different day each year? There’s a very good reason for that and believe it or not Mother’s Day never started out as a holiday to celebrate your mother at all. Read More

24 Mar

Crumble Tart

I baked this crumble tart for St Patrick’s Day. I’m not a gourmet kind of a cook but I know how to weave a bit of magic with some ingredients with minimal fuss.

The town I live in now is not the town I grew up in but over the years we have become so embedded in the area I can’t imagine living anywhere else. On St Patrick’s Day we get to walk a mere 10 minutes down the road to enjoy everything that a country parade has to offer.  There were tractors galore which the kids loved.DSC_0073 Read More

02 Mar

Semolina Pudding

Today, Sunday, is a dampy rainy kind of a day. The sort of a day that makes me want to pull the duvet back over my head and pretend it never started. Today calls for comfort food. This is a traditional, old style, stick-to-your-ribs semolina pudding, it’s frugal and easy to make with just 3 core ingredients. Read More

12 Feb

Coconut Cookies

As today is an important day to me, I figured it was time to celebrate. The thing is though I’m a bit “caked out” at the moment for reasons that will become apparent in the future. I’ve made some coconut cookies instead, as a favour to myself. Read More

04 Feb

Orange Crisps

These are blood orange crisps, but this recipe isn’t just limited to blood oranges, it’s just I had blood oranges and they look so pretty when they’re preserved. If you want to make an incredibly easy gift that looks amazing in jar, like you paid loads of money to buy then keep on reading. They can also be used to decorate cakes, or hung on ribbons in the house. Read More

27 Jan

Gur Cake

I mentioned on Saturday that I was making gur cake. I really didn’t expect the response I would get on all my social media channels from Dubs (people from Dublin), Corkonians (who call it chester cake) and Deise natives (from Waterford, who call it donkey gudge cake apparently). This is a cake that has huge heritage, and yet comes from a very humble beginning. Read More

23 Jan

Lemon And Lime Cake

Baking in this house requires organisation because the 2 year old understands when I’ve something baking. He likes to sit in front of the oven and demand instant results. His naps are beginning to shorten too so if I want to bake I need to be able to lash a cake batter together rapidly and have it cooked and cooling by the time he wakes up.

Read More

15 Jan

Blueberry Slice

I buy fresh berries in bulk and then freeze them to use over the winter. Berries go into smoothies, baking, jellies, salads and sometimes into something that is so decadent you won’t want to share. In fact you’ll want to eat this blueberry slice right out of the baking tray. Read More

11 Jan

Chewy Fruit Flapjacks

I realised yesterday that I hadn’t baked so far this year. Yes I know, that’s crazy talk coming from me. Normally I’m cranking up the oven at least 3 times a week to bake treats for the boys or the weekend. There are no excuses for this type of behaviour and of course I had to fix it. After consulting with a few readers on the Facebook page, I made these chewy fruit flapjacks.

Read More

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