02 Jul


Affogato. It’s not something I’ve thought about much until recently, however I was pointed in the direction of this coffee treat.  I don’t even drink coffee!

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24 Jun

Review: Food For Friends by Edward Hayden

Published in April 2013, Food For Friends by Edward Hayden is well timed for summer parties and  home entertaining.  I was sent a copy of the book for review and here’s my thoughts: Read More

18 Jun

Quick Ice Cream

On such a glorious day, I always fancy something cold and sweet but with our Irish weather it’s incredibly hard to plan ahead for sunny weather. This recipe for Quick Ice Cream can be made with 10 minute’s notice providing you have the 2 ingredients in the house. Did I mention it’s also sugar-free?

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07 Jun

Malted Double Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies

If you read my blogpost of yesterday evening you’ll understand that I’ve had better weeks. Just after I had taken the photographs there was a knock to the door and there was a delivery of a brand new hand mixer in the most dinky blue colour.

It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Tomorrow I’ll be baking up some goodies and bringing the results to a Tea Party in aid of MS Ireland that my sister, Olivia has organised. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it here on the blog but my sister suffers from Multiple Sclerosis herself. Read More

27 May

Simple Cupcakes

I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’m asked do I provide a catering service.  It’s lovely to have such a vote of confidence but I only bake and cook for ourselves, and occasionally my simple cupcakes for special events like the launch of the allotments.

Last week a friend lamented that she can never make decent cupcakes at home, that they’re too time-consuming and that she hates standing over a mixer to make sure she gets a good result. At the same time she told me of a commercial bakery that had sold her cupcakes for a recent party that came nowhere near good quality. Maybe I have family and friends a little spoiled from my baking! Read More

24 May

Northern Lights in Dublin

This is a super quick post, I literally just took this shot only 10 minutes ago and I want to go to bed! Read More

17 May

Microwave Bakewell Cake

It’s been a few days of unconventional methods. Yesterday I bribed the children with chocolate and lollipops to get them to stay quiet for a few minutes for an important interview. I had limited success and it’s not a regular occurrence. The Mammy Police can stand down!

Today I’m advocating adultery.

Not in the conventional sense of the word.

I want to you to cheat on your oven and make my microwave bakewell cake. It serves 2 people, not that you’re going to want to share.

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08 May

Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Cake

I was doing some work on the blog and realised that there was a gap of baking proportions. It’s not good enough and I apologise! I suppose a gluten-free chocolate cherry cake will have to do.  Read More

25 Apr

Ginger Crumbles

After a hectic start to the week, I wanted to make some yummy treats, but didn’t want to pull out the stand mixer.  The older boy wanted to help with the baking so these ginger crumbles are a great way to bake with the kids involving minimal fuss and equipment. Read More

16 Apr

Homemade Soft White Rolls

Yesterday I took out the pound of minced beef that I’d intended to use for meatballs. Then himself rang and said that he’d like to go to the allotment straight after work so asked could I make something handheld that he could eat on the go. The dinner plan changed from meatballs to burgers in homemade soft white rolls. It kind of suited me anyway as the boys like to eat food with their hands, particularly the smaller one who is still a bit at weaning stage.

It would be an understatement to say I’ve been amazed at the feedback from my post yesterday about living on a tight grocery budget got. Over the course of the next few days I intend to share a couple of recipes with you and some updates on the grocery budget situation. Read More

04 Apr

Plain Simple Vanilla Cake

Easter was a time for us to get together as a family. My parents are grandparents 7 times at this stage and it can make for very noisy celebrations. We are extremely fortunate that both my maternal Grandmother and Grandfather are still with us so including them in a family event was a given. When it came to organising the menu for the party, my siblings and I volunteered to bring a dish or an item to contribute to the table. So Mam decided to call it an Easter Tea Party. Read More

02 Apr

Baked Banana And Chocolate

Leftover Easter eggs? Chocolate from a kid’s party? Halloween treats lying around? I give you the 2 ingredient baked banana and chocolate dessert. Read More

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