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Cauliflower Soup

This creamy cauliflower soup is designed for baby’s taste but it is just as nice for adults with the addition of some roasted cauliflower “crisps” for texture. Because of the way it is prepared it remains creamy yet vegan.

I’m trying to be honest here. Wholesome and all as the title of this blog may be I have, shock horror, fed my children from a jar or a packet in the past and I probably will do in the future.

There are days when I’m unprepared or out and about where a jar of babyfood is far easier to serve up than muddling around with containers of food from home. Put it down to laziness if you want, I make no apology about the fact that I can be very busy at home sometimes with the 2 boys and plenty of things going on to keep me occupied.

For the next month or so I will still be blogging however my mind is very firmly focussed on the first week of August, when our Summer Project begins.  I’m the one who does all the back office organising, bookings, liaising with various organisations and most importantly funding applications.  Thankfully we’re past the funding stage and are close to booked out.

Anyway the real reason I made this soup is because I am trying to stock up the freezer in advance of the Summer Project. Because both myself and my husband organise/volunteer on the project things tend to get a bit crazy around here.  If I have some meals for the baby on standby then I don’t have to resort to using jars.  The thing was that once I made it I realised how delicious it was and I’m going to have to make more than 1 batch as most of it is gone now!

Babies do like mild spices and herbs in their food so don’t be put off by the 2 flavours that I have included.  The smaller one has just devoured a bowl of the cauliflower soup. The recipe makes 8 baby meals or 2 large bowls of a flavoursome soup for adults.


  • 2 medium potatoes
  • 1 cauliflower
  • 1 onion
  • 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon of ground cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon of black onion (nigella) seeds
  • 300ml water
  • Some spray oil if making the crisps


  • Chopping Board
  • Sharp Knife
  • Large pot with a lid
  • Large wooden spoon or spatula
  • Greaseproof Paper
  • Baking tray (for the crisps
  • Stick blender


  1. Preheat your oven to 150 degrees Celcius.
  2. Using your knife remove the outer leaves from the cauliflower and cut into quarters.
  3. Cut about 8 thin slices of cauliflower from the quarters. Chop the rest of the cauliflower roughly.
  4. Spray your baking tray with oil and place the thin cauliflower slices on the tray.
  5. Put into the oven to bake for 15 mins.
  6. Put your pot on the hob on a low heat and pour in the sunflower oil.
  7. Peel and chop your onion roughly.
  8. Add the onion to the pot and cook on a low heat for 5 mins, stirring every now and again to stop it from sticking.
  9. Meanwhile peel and chop your potatoes into small chunks about the size of a €2 coin.
  10. Add the onion seeds and ground cumin to the pot and stir around until you can begin to smell the spices filling the air.
  11. Next pour in your potatoes, stir until they are mixed in well with the onions and spices, finally pour in your cauliflower and stir again.
  12. Your crisps should be brown in the oven by now. Remove them and set to one side to cool down & turn off your oven.
  13. Pour half your water into the pot, it won’t even cover the vegetables but it’s not meant to so don’t worry!
  14. Take your greaseproof paper and cut a piece big enough to cover the whole pot. Firmly press it inside the pot so that it covers the vegetables.
  15. Put the lid on top of the pot and leave the pot on the lowest setting for 30 mins.
  16. After 30 mins remove the lid, then the greaseproof paper (carefully as they will both be hot).
  17. Using your spoon squeeze some of the vegetables against the side of the pot.  If they mush easily then your vegetables are cooked.  If not, cover again and cook for another 5 mins before checking in the same way.
  18. Pour in the rest of the water – which will cool the vegetables enough to use the stick blender.
  19. Blend the vegetables well until you get a smooth soup.
  20. Serve warm.
  21. Add salt & pepper to taste if you’re an adult. For babies, leave to cool before serving.



I'm an Irish mother to 2 boys, born & bred in Dublin, Ireland. I like to cook simple & fresh food for the family, with the family on a budget.


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