Chewy Fruit Flapjacks

I realised yesterday that I hadn’t baked so far this year. Yes I know, that’s crazy talk coming from me. Normally I’m cranking up the oven at least 3 times a week to bake treats for the boys or the weekend. There are no excuses for this type of behaviour and of course I had to fix it. After consulting with a few readers on the Facebook page, I made these chewy fruit flapjacks.

Before I continue, I must add a note for the neighbours:

There are none left.

Yes they were nice.

Yes of course you are wonderful neighbours.

No I still didn’t make you any.

Sorry, next time I’ll invite you over to fight the 2 year old for them.

If I was the betting type, my money would be on the 2 year old.

Moving swiftly on…..

As a vehicle for black bananas, banana bread is great but why not try this recipe for a change. The 5 year old is allowed to bring treats into school providing they’ve been made at home and these chewy flapjacks have oats, fruit and an extra “secret” ingredient which help with the chewy element.Chewy Fruit Flapjacks - Wholesome Ireland - Food & Parenting Blog

Chewy Fruit Flapjacks

(makes 2 x 15cm square brownie tins) or 18 thin flapjacks


  • 100g unsalted butter
  • 75g sugar
  • 50g golden syrup
  • 50g dried mixed fruit
  • 250g rolled oats (make sure these are gluten free if you are catering for a gluten free diet)
  • 2 black bananas


Preheat a (fan) oven to 170 degrees Celsius.

Put the butter, sugar and golden syrup in a large saucepan on medium on your hob. Heat until the ingredients are melted together. Stir in the dried mixed fruit and allow to coat in the liquid for about 2 minutes. Pour in the rolled oats and stir well until they are well coated in the liquid.

Skin and mash the 2 bananas, then add to the oat mixture in the saucepan. Stir again so that it’s well combined.  Press the mixture into 2 x 15cm square brownie tins. I use a non-stick baking tin and there is no need to grease, dust or line it when you’re making flapjacks.

Put the tins in the oven for 25-35 minutes. Once they start to turn golden brown on top, remove and allow to cool for 30 minutes before using a knife to impress the flapjack shapes on top of the mixture. Do not lift the flapjacks out while they are still warm as you could burn yourself. Wait until fully cool before breaking into the pieces you’ve impressed.

These chewy fruit flapjacks will keep for up to 5 days in a sealed dry box in a cool place. Truthfully though they don’t last very long!Chewy Fruit Flapjacks - Wholesome Ireland - Food & Parenting BlogNote: If you are on a dairy free diet you may like to replace the butter with 75ml of sunflower oil. Also if you have any intolerances do check the bag of oats and also of dried fruit for any agents added to keep the contents dry and separated.

15 thoughts on “Chewy Fruit Flapjacks”

  1. Imen McDonnell

    I’ve just wrote a flapjack post/column today too Caitriona! Posting tomorrow. I was wondering about a dairy sub, I wonder if coconut oil would work too? You’d have to like coconut flavour I suppose…sunflower oil prob best suggestion as you recommend. Yours sound great, we are big fans of the flapjack here. Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year Imen!
      Coconut oil would work just as well but I always use/recommend sunflower oil as it’s cheaper and easier to source nationwide. My friend Emily swears by it for everything mind you. You can also use a nut butter instead of dairy butter. I think hazelnut butter would be insane with the fruit & bananas. Looks like I may be in your neck of the woods soon if so, I’ll try to catch up. Xxx

      1. Imen McDonnell

        I have thought of almond or peanut butter, but haven’t tried it yet. Hazelnut would be lovely! When are going to be around? Email me ————— we’ll have tea! X

  2. So this is kind of like a chewy granola bar? Flapjack is another name for pancake in my neck of the woods, so I was a bit confused! These look awfully tasty! I’m not sure what I can substitute for golden syrup, not sure I can find that in Minnesota!

      1. Corn syrup, got it, I think I might have to try these today. Thanks for sharing, it’s nice to find a recipe for something like this instead of resorting to the store bought versions!

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