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Dear Sky TV

We’ve had a long relationship where I hand over money to you and watch a few shows a day. I kidded myself by justifying the ridiculous price for television channels as I don’t drink or smoke and we rarely go out. I believed that I had lifestyle of fabulous TV programming and a way to relax at the end of a long day.

See the thing is, it’s not quite true.

When I sit down at the end of a long day I like to watch programmes that are on channels that are free anyway. The Irish Saorview channels and the English native channels that don’t charge for the privilege and then a Netflix subscription is a small fraction of your monthly subscription fee.

I found myself naturally gravitating towards cBeebies and CBBC for the children as they don’t contain as much targeted advertising. They’re free too.

We’ve reached the natural end of the line Sky. It’s time we said our goodbyes and parted with dignity.

A freeview box and Netflix subscription will do us grand. If you’re stuck for a freeview box your Sky TV box actually works fine with the freeview channels. Yesterday for their treat for eating all their dinner the boys had playtime. Imagine that. Playing & not watching the telly.

Why didn’t I think of that before?

I did for a brief second consider holding onto the subscription so that we could fit the stereotype of watching satellite channels on a massive f’n telly. Then again we never really fitted into that stereotype in the first place.  My hubby is only going to miss one particular show and I’m told that there are ways of watching what we want elsewhere; once we have a decent broadband connection.

The money we save will go towards the water charges I suppose. It’s as simple as that.

I'm an Irish mother to 2 boys, born & bred in Dublin, Ireland. I like to cook simple & fresh food for the family, with the family on a budget.


  • Nora

    I’ve stopped watching TV about a year ago. I have moved since and didn’t bother buying a new TV. Internet does me perfectly fine and I don’t miss the stupid shows and advertising we get on television. I only watch things I want on the internet, at the time I want and it’s easy to skip the ads when there are any. I have gained huge knowledge since I’m watching educational documentaries and conferences on Youtube. It’s amazing the stuffs posted out there for FREE! And some of the stuff would never appear on TV due to the subversive nature of some of the ideas out there (how money is created for instance!!) In a nutshell, ditch your TV altogether and just get a decent broadband connection. Let’s just pray that they don’t kill the internet neutrality (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_neutrality)

  • Lillian Kennedy

    I am gobsmacked that someone on such a food budget would retain a Sky subscription. I would cut it before my food budget. In fact it would be the first thing I would cancel and did when my circumstances changed a few years ago

    • Wholesome Ireland

      I manage to feed my family well for less. We have not wanted for any food. What you chose to do with your money worked for you. Well done. I wouldn’t judge others for their choices. I don’t have to justify myself to anybody, only myself.

  • Linda

    I don’t watch much TV I like two / three shows that are seasonal and one a week if I do bother to turn the thing on, never had Sky either !

  • Anonymous

    Hi we only have saorview channels how do u get the basic uk channels without paying? Thanks

    • Wholesome Ireland

      When you have a satellite dish you receive Saor-sat channels and it picks up the UK channels. If you live near the East Coast a decent aerial on the roof picks up BBC etc though.

  • peggy

    We haven’t had a subscription with sky for the last 6-7 years. When I stopped working we made cut backs. Although like you we do not go out, smoke or drink, we still couldn’t justify paying for it. We don’t watch TV anymore, although we do have a TV it doesn’t work since the “change Over”. I really wouldn’t go back to the all days watching TV for 4- 6 hours a day. Best thing that ever happened to us

  • Paul Matthews

    I Just cancelled my Sky Subscription after 9 years and 4 months. They offered me a 50% discount for six months but I was not tempted this time. I will opt for Freesat with with free time. After much research I will use a Humax Freesat box that will pause, record and do series link just like the sky boxes. As I have broadband with UPC I can use their piped TV to receive RTE and 17 other channels so no need for a saorview box and aerial.

    I am afraid to calculate how much I have paid out for Sky TV over the last 9+ years. I will use the €94.00 saved to reduce my debts. Thanks Caitríona reading your article gave me the kick in the backside that I needed to make the phone call. I have been putting this off since October!

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