Do I Write Sponsored Posts?

I do write sponsored posts where people pay me to write on a specific topic on this blog with links/advertisement/advertorial for a company contained within this blog. There are bills to be paid and the blog will remain mainly unsponsored. However, when have the right fit with a company then I’ll create something with them. Not all companies are the right fit though!

Also bear in mind that sometimes I will receive a product for review and while the blogpost isn’t sponsored in the technical sense of the term, it wouldn’t have been possible without receiving the product. I hope you understand what I mean. I never accept a payment in exchange for a review. Ever.

Sponsored posts have always been clearly marked and will remain that way, don’t worry.

Why Do I Turn Down Stuff/Events/Trips?

Do you read my blog regularly/follow me on social media? If so you’ll know that we grow an awful lot of our own food, and I cook from scratch 99% of the time. This means I buy very few brand names. There is no point in me testing something unless I’m likely to buy it myself. In fact, I often tell a company that I’d rather buy it myself and test it out myself than accept samples for testing.

If I recommend something to you then it’s because I think it’s great, have probably bought it myself, and have tested it quite a bit at home.

I Mention Certain Brands A Lot On Social Media, Do I Work For Them?

There are a select couple of brands that I flipping love. These brands ever ask me to share their stuff on social media. I share their products because I love what they do, buy their stuff, and importantly, their stuff is used in my kitchen every single day.

What About Recipes?

The vast majority of recipes on my blog are my own. There are very rare occasions where where I share a recipe from a cookbook, this would be because I am reviewing the cookbook so have to try out a recipe to do this (with the publisher’s permission).

The main reason why I only share my own recipes is simple. I test my recipes before I share them, I’ve detailed how recipes are tested in another post (it’ll take too long here), but I’ve reached a point where I don’t share a recipe unless I can answer questions and help people who try to cook it. I realise that not many bloggers operate in this way but I do.

Advertising & Affliate Links:

I am an Amazon affiliate. This means that I may receive a percentage sales commission if you click through certain links on my site and buy a product on Amazon. Affiliate links embedded in the blog will be clearly marked.

Any Other Questions?

If you ever see me post something here or on social media, or share something and wonder, then please just ask!

I’m committed to sticking to the relevant rules in Ireland, set by the Advertising Standards Agency for Ireland (ASAI), and this applies here, and across all of my profiles on social media, no matter what the platform.