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Flavours Of Fingal

I didn’t realise I took quite so many photographs when we visited Flavours of Fingal as guests of Fingal County Council last month. I’ve been going through my memory card and figured now would be as good a time as any to share them with you!

Local pumpkins and other produce.
Local pumpkins and other produce.

I didn’t get quite as many pictures as I would have liked. The weather on Saturday, the first day of the show, was sunny and warm. We of course decided to visit on the Sunday which heralded squally showers, cold breezes and torrential rain. This meant that we, and indeed most of the visitors that day didn’t get to enjoy the show as those who attended the day before. For this reason, I really think that it would be unfair to review Flavours of Fingal because there was absolutely no way stallholders could hold onto their gazebos in the gusts of wind. I witnessed quite a number of sturdy gazebos sailing across the grounds of Newbridge House that day!

Mark from "Java The Hut" warming us all up.
Mark from “Java The Hut” warming us all up.

Mark spotted us as we came in and got caught in a large shower. No sooner had he spotted himself and the mother in law than there was a brew underway. We were like drowned rats.

As we stood there and got the banter going. The weather got worse again. You can see the awning from the gazebo coming loose behind him. There was a creaking noise and then, out of nowhere another one sailed right across the entry field. I’m not sure exactly who it belonged to but it was beyond repair. What a pity.





I was fascinated by the ICA tent and the illustrious knitting going on so I decided to ask would they mind if I took a few shots of their hands at work. One look at my “big camera” and I was asked to take a few more shots, in fact I wasn’t allowed leave the tent for a while.  I’ve lost their contact details but if you spot someone you know in these pictures please drop me an email and I’ll pass on the originals. Lesson of the day: Don’t mess with an ICA Lady.

ICA Ladies
ICA Ladies

Onwards to the sheepdog demonstration. This captured the toddler’s imagination for at least 90 seconds, which was good going. Trust me!

Then we stopped by all the bio-diversity projects. Got to see some of our own produce from the allotments on the Fingal Allotments stand. A demonstration bee hive. Some of the poultry from Newbridge House & Farm.

Biodiversity Area
Biodiversity Area

Finally on to the food village which wasn’t as full as it had been on Saturday or so I believe. Yet again I managed to snap the 5 year old gazing wistfully at the Keogh’s Farm Tractor. This is a regular thing. Said a quick hello to Katie on the Keogh’s Team, wandered around the other stalls and then finally spotted a really funky coffee stand.

Food Village Flavours of Fingal
Food Village Flavours of Fingal


As you can see from the photos, there were points where the sun was shining, but there were also points where we were all huddled under awnings, hoping the rain would ease.

Every single one of us had to have hot baths when we got home, despite wearing sturdy waterproofs.

I did take some other pictures that day of Brian and Peter from the Sodshow. We also recorded some audio, but I’m not sure if it will air or not. For the record, I had the microphone for a change!

Anyway it was a great day out, despite the bad weather. Many thanks to the team in Fingal County Council offices for organising me a press pass.

Flavours of Fingal

Newbridge House & Farm

Fingal County Council

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