Whether you’re trying to save money or get your house more organised, these 2 free printable sheets will help you.

I’ve been using both for many years, and they do get tweaked/edited every now and again to make them easier for me and others to use. It is hard to get organised I know but if you put the time in to use both of these free templates then you will save yourself money in the long run.

The first up is my store cupboard stocktake. Print it off as often as you like, it’s free! If you’d like more details and hints/tips on how to use it then click here.

Wholesome Ireland Stocktake

Secondly here is a free bank meal planning template for you to use. Again, you’ll find more information how to use it here.

Wholesome Ireland Meal Plan

Here’s a meal plan filled out for a week as well so you can see how I organise myself.

Wholesome Ireland Completed Meal Plan

If you like these free printables and they save you money or help you get more organised, please do let me know. I love to get feedback and best of luck!

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