All Hail My Cup Of Tea

The day didn’t start well. Today that is.

We had run out of milk. Well there was a small amount but the kids needed it for their breakfast and I had no cup of tea. I should have known at that stage that the day was on a downhill trend.

Rather than give a blow-by-blow account of how disastrous my day has been so far, I’m going to just stick it in bullet form so it doesn’t sound so bad.

  • Tea (or lack of)
  • Buggy off balance (tipped over on the way home from the shops as I overloaded it)
  • Rodents
  • Terrible Three Meltdown
  • Toilet Training Mishaps
  • Burnt Jam
  • No Dinner Yet
  • Dog Poo On My Shoe
  • Headlice Letter
  • Delivery Man Roulette

On the plus side I now have a cup of tea so the world is slowly turning to rights before I condition and comb my own hair as a precaution as I’ve only just got the boys to bed after doing theirs.

So my day hasn’t exactly been the most glorious experience but you know I’ve had worse. I think I should go off and do the lottery or something as my luck can only change tomorrow. In the meantime maybe this might make your day a bit better?

Fancy tickets for a family of four to the “All Hail King Julien” Premiere and a 1 Year Netflix subscription?

Everyone’s favourite lemur is back in “All Hail King Julien!”   And Netflix would like to give you chance to win family passes to his coronation party at The Odeon Cinema at The Point Village on Sunday, 14 December as well as a year’s Netflix subscription!      There will be dancing and chance to see how this self-proclaimed “Lord of Lemurs” went from party prince to party king!

King Julien is here to party, and no one can stop him from ruling with an iron fist … in the air, wavin’ like he just doesn’t care!   All Hail King Julien brings the wild world of Madagascar to a totally original, totally hilarious and totally insane television series in which the king takes on the craziest adventures the jungle has to offer.

A new cast of fantastic, colourful characters joins King Julien himself, along with his second-in-command Maurice, and the eternally devoted Mort. It’s a riot of colour — not to mention a laugh riot — when viewers All Hail King Julien, premiering on 19 December, only on Netflix!

To enter the competition, simply comment on the blog below, or on the Facebook page. It’s as simple as that. For a bonus entry, comment in both places, and if you feel like cheering me up, tell me how your day was miles better than mine!

Entries from Ireland only will be accepted. The winner will be chosen and random and will be required to give me their name and postal address so that Netflix can post them their prize. This competition will end on Sunday 7th December 2014.

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I have received a Netflix annual subscription and streaming device and provide blogposts/updates on their items that I may find interesting.

44 thoughts on “All Hail My Cup Of Tea”

  1. a day without tea is a disaster – my beloved OH brings me a cup in bed every day! bliss!

  2. You had my maximum sympathy at dog poo on shoe. Awful!
    My day was pretty great! Twas a lovely day for a cycle to work. Baby’s sore eye is much better and three year old was a very good girl! I tried a new recipe for dinner (nothing fancy, pasta with watercress and garlic) and everyone ate it all up. All small things… But most importantly no dog poo. Would love the nexflux sub and tickets. Just got a shiny chromecast on sale yesterday, think they would go well together. 😀

  3. Oh you poor thing. That really does sound like a humdinger of a day. Have another cup of scald, you’re worth it.

  4. Oops my day wasn’t as bad as that but nothing to write home about either!! Hope tomorrow is better for you 🙂

  5. Catherine m carroll

    things can only get better, yesterday is history, tomorrow is our future, today is the presen, so enjoy it, with the ones we love

  6. My day wasn’t much better! Take out your terrible three tantrums and throw in my 12 year old preteen meltdown/tantrum/life is soooo not fair episode and I’m right there with you!!

  7. Trish McGrath

    My day was great by comparison! And only two more sleeps till we bring our two little boys to the man himself in FOTA! Can.not.wait!

  8. I hate days like that where everything goes wrong!! I just spent the day waiting to get back into bed after two days of no sleep…..walking zombie came to mind!!

  9. Yup, had a fairly crap day yesterday too in general but did have some good points too , was just too wrecked yesterday to appreciate them until this morning : )

  10. You can freeze milk in ice cube trays and defrost it in an emergency like this one! I’m glad you survived though! 😉

  11. grace Sheehan

    Hate those headlice letters, have to be so vigilant with them. Hope the next day was better

  12. Catherine m carroll

    i freeze some milk in ice cube tray & on a monday morning, theres always a cube for the morning cuppa,

  13. Would love to win the Netflix subscription – we haven’t had TV for 8 years now and big fans of good movies on DVD, but a trip to the cinema would be an extra treat 🙂

    How was my day miles better than yours? It’s 8:30 and all 3 snallies are asleep so a quiet cup of coffee is possible, maybe even with a biscuit. Maybe more a case of inches better 😉

  14. i had a lovely lie in today and tasted my first homemade apple pie of the season as christmas baking has begun in my house

  15. Marie Meskell

    A cup of tea solves all our problems, never without it. Would love the subscription for xmas for the cold nights in with the kids

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