What The Heck Am I Doing?

I thought to myself on Tuesday last week. I was sitting on the floor surrounded by bags of clothes. The boys were using the clothes as slides. There was a double bed mattress on the landing and so many black sacks of clothes for charity shops that I couldn’t get from the door in my office to the window.

I started off last week with a goal of cleaning up the house. Then I realised that I couldn’t get away with a quick lick of a duster, swish of the vacuum cleaner and a spritz of lemon oil. Once I began to make a dent in the washbasket I discovered that I had nowhere to put my clean clothes. I do have plenty of storage space upstairs, just it was all full.

Denial is a terrible thing.

Hanging up in the wardrobe were my lovely work suits that I had hung in the hopes that I’d use them again some day. Shoes and boots that I’ve not worn in years, nevermind months. There were even some maternity clothes that I hadn’t disposed of. So I pulled all the clothes out and started to get my cupboards in order.

It has been a little like one of my oft-mentioned stocktakes, except for the rest of the house. I now realise that we had too much stuff. We have been drowning under stuff.

You can only wear 1 pair of shoes at any one time.

I felt a huge pang of regret for donating my work suits to charity, along with some barely worn shoes and coats. Now, a few days on, all I feel is lighter in my heart for being able to see what’s hanging in the wardrobe and a washbasket that is getting emptier as each day passes.

What the heck am I doing?

I’m embracing change.
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8 thoughts on “What The Heck Am I Doing?”

  1. It is the best feeling! I didn’t want to comment on your post about your blog break in case you got notified so just to say hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Trying to clear out the house just like you. I think I will just move it might be easier. Drowning in clothes and material goods.

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