My First Book!

My first book; “Wholesome”, was published by Mercier Press in April 2014. It is available in all good bookstores nationwide, directly from Mercier for €17.99 at the time I wrote this piece.

Inside the book you’ll find buckets of advice on how to manage your family grocery bill on a budget, recipes, and tips that I still use every single day. My household grocery budget hasn’t varied very much since I wrote it first believe it or not. I still manage the household on a budget. The main difference since is that the eldest in the family (now 17) lives here full time now, whereas when it was originally written she spent about half her time here. I’ve had to increase the budget slightly, but not that much! I still budget €100 per week total for our family of 5, which includes cleaning materials – leaving about €80 for food only. When the book was written my budget was €70 per week.


Many Irish libraries have it in stock, which is great because if you’re on a budget that price might be a bit expensive (I’m aware of that and it’s out of my control, sorry).

The book is also available from Amazon as an e-book. This is an affiliate link so I may get a small commission if you buy from Amazon using the link below.