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Katie Hopkins on RTÉ

Last night, one of the biggest TV chat shows in Ireland, The Late Late Show, aired an interview with Katie Hopkins on RTÉ. The main topic of the interview was why she felt stay at home parents were lazy.

In fairness to Ryan Tubridy (the presenter) he did try to give her a hard time; she was incredibly condescending and rude to him.  However, an awful lot of her rubbish was spouted on the State Broadcaster and apart from a couple of audience members who were allowed to speak briefly, her views remained unchecked.

I don’t know the woman, apart from a history of being rolled out as a professional troll here and there by various news outlets and broadcasters. Last night she came across as someone who’d start an argument in a phonebox, like she always does. There is a reason why this individual doesn’t appear on ITV This Morning anymore, in fact over 90,000 reasons as the viewers petitioned the show to have her removed.

There is a strong history of “homemaking” and parenting in Ireland, so much so that it is enshrined in our Constitution/Bunreacht:

2 1° In particular, the State recognises that by her life within the home, woman gives to the State a support without which the common good cannot be achieved.

2° The State shall, therefore, endeavour to ensure that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of their duties in the home.

Do disregard the reference to gender above because I believe it’s outdated and should refer to the parent, not the mother alone.

I believe that parenting and homemaking are not competitive sports. I’m no better or worse than any other parent out there.  People should be judged by their actions and behaviour, not by the name on their birth certificate or where they live, and certainly not by their role as a stay at home parent. Parenting is darn hard, whether you are working in paid employment full or part time OR if you’re at home fulltime. It is the most difficult job I’ve ever had, yet the most rewarding at the same time.

There should have been a balanced discussion last night. There was nobody there to challenge her adequately (though the audience did try at short notice). One audience member ended up trying to justify her role in the home by revealing she was studying for a doctorate while caring for her children. An amazing woman of course, but if she was solely caring for her children there is nothing wrong with that either.

Can we expect another guest next week with an opposing view, maybe one that working parents are shirking their responsibilities by hiding in the office? Just to be sure that every single parent in the country is irritated, for balance.

I’m no legal whizz or expert. Her views clearly undermine the role of the parent in the home. Does the State broadcaster have a responsibility to facilitate a balanced debate because of the Constitution?

And I have a response by the very qualified Sharon Ní Icí:

I'm an Irish mother to 2 boys, born & bred in Dublin, Ireland. I like to cook simple & fresh food for the family, with the family on a budget.


  • kathryn

    I don’t know how others feel about it but I’ve been known to go back to an office, placing my child in day care, for a rest – small children need 100% attention every single second – no leaning back from the desk and staring out of the window for a couple of minutes while you give yourself a moment’s rest. What children need they need NOW!

  • Imen McDonnell

    One word: RATINGS. I missed it, but she sounds ridiculous. I’m sure the show ratings were up though and it’s that time of year where they need to be….

  • Wholesome Ireland

    Oh yes definitely ratings. To be honest she can say what she likes in general, but I was disappointed that it wasn’t a more balanced debate. But yes, ratings, I know. 🙁

  • Jazzygal

    Never realised that was enshrined in our constitution. Thanks for that.
    I agree with all you say, she is so argumentative and dismissal… purposely so. There were a few people in support of her believe it or not as was evidenced by a few tweets I saw. There MAY be some element of truth to SOME things she says but it’s how disgracefully she puts it.
    She makes an appearance in my latest post too 😉

    xx Jazzy

  • Juggling Mammy and Me

    Missed the show but that’s probably not such a bad thing as this woman would have really made me mad!! Bringing up kids is hard regardless of your working circumstances. I am a stay at home mammy that also works one day a week, what I would give to have the chance to be lazy!!!

  • Juggling Mammy and Me

    Missed the show but it is probably a good thing as it would have made me really mad to listen to this woman!! Bringing up kids is hard regardless of your working circumstances. I am a stay at home Mammy and I work one day a week, what I would give for the chance to be lazy!!

  • coco

    I cannot stand that woman. She is an idiot. And i do agree that stay-at-home parents are NOT lazy. however, if you can afford to stay at home it is EASIER. It is easier not to have to go manic crazy getting ready for creche before you go to work. it is easier not to feel the guilt and sadness you feel dragging them out of their safe little home on winters mornings so that you can get to work on time. It is easier to spend time at home having fun with them, and making them feel so secure, instead of pushing them out into the world before you or they are ready for it. But alas for so many of us, there is just NO choice. Mortagages have to be paid, kids ahve to be fed and clothes, and there is just no alternative. Stay at home parents are not lazy, but they are so so so LUCKY, I would give anything to stay at home

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