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May Update 2018

Oh look I found the blog again under a pile of laundry and paperwork in my so-called-office (aka the laundry area). I didn’t stop blogging for a spell on purpose, I just had so much stuff on that I struggled to find the time. Anyway sure look-it. I’m back and I’ve got loads of interesting things coming up and good news that I thought I’d share it here!

The recipes are back; I have a shed-load of recipes in drafts which I’m going to drip-feed to you over the next couple of weeks including some beautiful main courses for family meals, along with some simple sweet treats. If you’ve been following me on Instagram (click here if you don’t already and would like to), you’ll have seen some sneak peeks. Writing recipes is something I love to do because it’s a chance for me to get creative in the kitchen.

Bloom In The Park is this week! Jeepers how the heck did it come around that quickly? I’m a massive fan of the festival anyway but this year I’ll be demonstrating some of my favourite recipes at the Fun In The Farm area. If you will be at Bloom please come and say hello. I’m also joining a GIY discussion panel at their area on the Saturday so it’ll be a jam-packed festival with food and growing food top of the agenda. If, like me, you like gardens and food then expect me to fill your timeline full of gorgeous pictures from tomorrow until Monday. Bloom, created by Bord Bia, opens to the general public from Thursday morning.

The weeds at the allotment are thriving, but in fairness so are the vegetables. We have pared back what we are growing this year in an effort to make it less work. Yet everytime I’m there I feel like I never want to leave. Even if we are dallying around nettles and thistles, or swinging in hammocks; it’s my happy place.

Running has become a rhythm. It’s never easy but I the feeling when I get home from a run or a race is making it worthwhile. I am continuing to challenge myself and I have signed up for a half marathon in 3 weeks time. Dublin City Marathon is also locked into the calendar either way. By the time you read this I’ll be getting ready for a local 5km race tonight, another on Thursday night, and the Mini Marathon on Sunday. I don’t like to make life easy on myself!

Flavours of Fingal is coming… yep I will be demonstrating and participating in general mayhem as part of my local Farm Show in the third weekend in June. The final schedule is under wraps but you can expect lots of local produce being prepared by local cooks and chefs.

I’m now a member of the Irish Food Writers Guild. Yes, little old me. You’d want to have seen me when the invitation arrived to join. Gobsmacked. I can’t wait to see what this will bring to the blog, and to my professional life.

About that big impending Birthday. It is looming; as a I moved my 7 week calendar forward last week it is in bold before the end of that period. I dunno, I still feel that I’m about 17 trying to muddle my way around having kids and responsibilities so the figure is a bit surreal to me.

Right I think that’s more than enough news for now. There are some more projects on the way when June is over but I’ll save those until closer to the date!

I'm an Irish mother to 2 boys, born & bred in Dublin, Ireland. I like to cook simple & fresh food for the family, with the family on a budget.

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