New Kitchen Suppliers

Kitchen Makeover SuppliersI’ve had a few people ask me about the new kitchen suppliers. Before I continue I have to emphasise, none of the companies mentioned are sponsored mentions. I received no free products or discounts. I’m going to put notes beside the suppliers and our experiences so that you can see that it wasn’t a bed of roses!


The cabinets, countertop, sink, taps, and extractor fan came from Tierney Kitchens in Balbriggan. I believe in supporting local businesses anyway, but from start to finish Tierney’s were fantastic and I highly recommend them.


We shopped around and played 4 or 5 different suppliers against one another for the best price, and to be fair they were all relatively close in price to each other. The decision came down to customer service and for this, DID Electrical in Drogheda won out. They were great to deal with from a sales point of view and offered great value for money on certain items – an induction hob for €199 is a brilliant price if you’re looking for a bargain! However I have to add that one of our items was missing from the delivery on the agreed date and we had a little stress the following day waiting for it while the fitters were here. DID were very proactive with making phone calls to sort it out though and great at keeping me informed. The appliances all work extremely well and we very happy in that regard.


All the paint came from our local Arro hardware store, along with various brushes, rollers, etc. We bought Fleetwood paint from the kids room collection for the walls, and brilliant white for the skirting boards, doors, and windowsills. The key thing for me was to get the paint as close in tone to the cupboard doors as possible. We have quite a small space to work in and this created the illusion of a bigger kitchen. The combination of bright presses and wall colours fills the room with light and it is so much brighter than before.


We bought the tiles “Biselado Zafiro” (Zafiro being that beautiful blue colour that everyone has commented on) from Right Price Tiles in Drogheda, along with grout, adhesive, and spacers.  In general, because we are so close to the sea, I like to work with nautical colours in the house and this blue is amazing.


I bought the beautiful oilcloth from our local drapery shop, McFaddens, and we used this to upholster the seat. As you can see, it is very popular!


We got the vinyl floor from Carpetright in Drogheda. This was by far our worst experience with any supplier. We were told when we ordered that it would be fitted within 2 weeks. It took nearly 3 weeks before they arrived to fit the floor, leaving me a month with no flooring. They were exceedingly unhelpful when I rang looking for our floor the date they said it would arrive from the UK. They also rarely answered the phone, it took over 10 phone calls everytime we tried to get in touch with them. The floor itself is grand but I can’t recommend them at all – go to Des Kelly if you need floors fitted. Honestly I wouldn’t go there again.


I’ve had a few questions about the chairs! They came from IKEA and are called ingolf, we’ve paired them with the seat pads justina in grey which is a decent match for the theme of the kitchen.

So that’s it. If I’ve missed anything or you’ve spotted something in the pictures of the renovation that I haven’t covered then please let me know. I’ve another post on the way detailing how we saved an awful lot of money while doing the kitchen makeover and I’ll share it very soon.

I'm an Irish mother to 2 boys, born & bred in Dublin, Ireland. I like to cook simple & fresh food for the family, with the family on a budget.