Real Chocolate Taytos

Chocolate Tayto There’s no doubt that chocolate and Tayto go together but what if they really, really went together?

It’s all your fault Daily Edge and various other social media outlets that carried the tale of the Tayto Chocolate yesterday.

I guess it was only a matter of time before I picked up a bag of Tayto and a bar of chocolate and tried to combine the two to make Chocolate Taytos.

The result is far more savoury than I expected, not sweet at all.

I melted some 75% cocoa solid chocolate and then dipped the crisps individually. The streaks in the chocolate are from me shaking it so that I’d get the excess chocolate off before leaving them to rest on some greaseproof paper to come back to room temperature. Don’t put your dipped crisps into the fridge as they will go soggy. Leaving them out will take longer for the chocolate to harden but the crisps on the interior will stay hard and, well, crispy!

It wasn’t quite cheese and oniony (is that even a word?) for me so I pulled out the pestle and mortar, ground up some more crisps to make a sand, and then sprinkled it on top while the chocolate was still damp.Chocolate Tayto

If you’re old enough to remember, the Tayto factory was originally in Coolock, opposite Cadbury’s. If you walked down the road between them you could almost taste the combination in the air.

More of my memories of Tayto, the perfect hangover cure, and how I think the flavour works on my Audioboo below:

27 thoughts on “Real Chocolate Taytos”

  1. Edible Ireland

    If these were made commercially, I would absolutely buy them, I love anything with a salt + sweet combo. Genius!

      1. I have been asked to make them so many times in the past week I think Tayto should start soon! They’re easy enough to make if you have a huge kitchen & areas for chilling/cooling!

  2. awesome. you deserve a medal (maybe one made from you recipe and covered in gold foil??). i am going to try out your recipe, but with a difference.. I am going to put them in the freezer for a few minutes after dipping the crisps in the chocolate to prevent the soggy problem you encountered!!its a further test to your experiment…if it works..this has commercial success..well in Ireland anyways!! 🙂

  3. Thought it was sad the way Tayto chickened out – glad you had more courage. After all salted caramel was the flavour of 2012 and chocolatey moles are everywhere. And deep fried Mars bar is much better with a sprinkling of sea salt

  4. You can buy these in boxes in the USA, not Taytos obviously which will of course taste wayyyyy better.. I don’t why nobody sells them here, although I think I heard someone on the radio recently saying he was launching something soon!

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  7. “the Tayto factory was originally in Coolock, opposite Cadbury’s. If you
    walked down the road between them you could almost taste the combination
    in the air.”

    Remember it well. Used to walk through there regularly in the late 70s / early 80s.

    Used to also help (ahem!) empty the ‘bins’ that were used to contain damaged chocs and crisp boxes.

  8. Don’t leave it all to Tayto. Make them yourself at home by dipping crisps in melted dark chocolate or in a ganache and leave them to dry on wax paper. A nice project for the children, and they will learn patience while waiting for the drying to occur. You can improve the experience by dropping crushed walnuts or hazelnuts onto the coated crisps while the chocolate is still wet, and grate a whisper of orange zest onto them. They look and taste very elegant, and you are not confined to cheese and onion flavour, alone.

  9. Sarahsfoodconfessions

    Absolutely love the look of your crisps. They look delicious. You have showcased the crisps very well. Since Tayto have released their new chocolate bar I think everyone is suddenly gone wild for the chocolate and crisp combination. I have made my own version actually quite similar to yours using dark choc but I would prefer them occasionally rather than as a regular treat. I have yet to try the actual Tayto bar but I will do my best to get my hands on one. Do you take the photos yourself they really are amazing. :). I would love mine to look that good but as you can see from photo below I havent quite got that far yet!

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