Shopping Tips – 12th January 2015

We’re nearly 2 weeks into the New Year. January is a long flipping month if you get paid monthly, some people may have almost 7 weeks between paydays. I hope that these grocery shopping tips will help you just a little bit. If you’re finding things hard you might like to check out my store cupboard stocktake and use up what you have in stock before you head out to buy some more.

Most of the supermarkets are now pushing on with Spring and Spring-cleaning specials. I love this time of the year as you can often pick up a bargain to use in the house all year around.


It’s all about getting organised in the special buys this week. From yesterday (January 11th 2015) Aldi had a number of pretty storage containers and small kitchen appliances on sale. I’ll be making a bee-line for the foil containers (small and medium), priced at €1.49 a pack, they will get loads of use between the fridge and the freezer. Also there’s a meal planner and recipe book for €3.99, it might be worth checking out.

On Thursday the Vax Rapide Spring Clean Carpet Washer comes on sale for €79.99. Is it worth it? I don’t know but I tell you that the Vax Steam Mop for €49.99 is on my radar for sure as they are the cleaning appliance that everybody is talking about.

The Super-6 this week are broccoli, curly kale, pears, kiwi, potatoes and large onions, all priced at 29c. If you’re stuck with what to do with the kale, why not try my vegan kale pesto for a change? Vegan Kale Pesto

The Super-6 meat offers are Angus steak mince, steak pieces, minute steak, breaded chicken pieces, pork loin chops and diced chicken pieces all for €3. Why not use the chicken pieces and pair them with the broccoli on special for a lovely chilli chicken meal that only takes 15 minutes to make?Chicken Chilli Veg Supper - Wholesome IrelandDUNNES STORES

Their special offers end tomorrow at midnight so until then the following still applies:

The shop-and-save is back, giving you 20% off your next grocery shop, providing you spend a minimum of €25 in store up until tomorrow (Tuesday 13th January).

You can mix and match 2 items of the following fruit and vegetables for €3: Snack Pack Pears/Apples/Oranges 7’s, Bananas (Freddy Fyffes), Yellow Melon, 6 Pack Kiwis, Tenderstem Broccoli, Fine Beans, Organic Onions, Savoy Cabbage, Baby Corn, Mangetout, Rooster Potatoes – check the range in store as they have over 40 varieties.

A fresh whole Irish chicken (size 1.6kg) will set you back just under a fiver – €4.99 and special mention goes for their own brand pasta range which will get you 500g of pasta for just 49c. Why not pair the two together with this frugal chicken and pasta dish?Butternut Roast Chicken Pasta - Caitriona RedmondLIDL

The fruit and veg on special in Lidl this week are onions, garlic, and beetroot for 39c, also mixed leaf lettuce for 69c. If you’re feeling indulgent you could lash together this chocolate beetroot cake or even make some sugarfree brownies! Moist, dense beetroot & chocolate cake with a homemade ganacheSugar-Free Brownies - Wholesome IrelandFor fresh fish and meat, you can pick up 4 salmon darnes for €5.99 (great quality), mini chicken breast fillets are €3.99, Irish beef stir fry is €3.69 and pork loin steaks are €4.99.

Apparently there is a snow warning in place from midnight tonight for certain areas of the country. Either way it’s going to get colder so maybe the oil-filled radiator on special from today for €45 might be a good investment?

There was quite a number of cars in my estate that ended up needing a jumpstart over Christmas. There’s a battery pack with jumpstart leads on special on Thursday for €49.99. If you only use this pack once and save yourself a mechanic call-out fee then it’s saved you a fortune.


For the next few weeks SuperValu have their “better than half price sale” in store. So my recommendations from last week still apply:

I like the look of their €3 meat sale which will get me a packet of diced beef, Irish unsmoked back bacon, breaded chicken goujons, or sliced and diced chicken breast. The mix-and-match fruit and veg are as follows:

2-for-€1 – avocado, cherry tomato punnet, york cabbage, carrot bag, closed cup mushrooms & cucumber.

2-for-€2 – easy peeler net (oranges), snack pack bananas, fresh veg soup mix, grapefruit net & fruit pouch range.


Sharon from Behind Green Eyes  tells me that she managed to pick up the school copybooks for September as they were reduced to €1/€2 per pack. Every little helps…. Sorry!

Their fruit and vegetables on special will change at midnight tomorrow, until then are kiwis, orange peppers, swedes (turnip) will set you back 39c and you can also pick up some tomatoes for €1 along with a bag of salad potatoes.

Over in their Euro shop, you can pick up a tub of Glenisk Creme Fraiche, or a box of Go-Yo’s for (you’ve guessed it) €1. We are big fans of the raspberry and peach flavour Go-Yo’s if you’re asking! This is a great price for organic dairy products from one of my favourite producers. The Jacobs rice cakes are reduced to €1 as well as Kelkin apple flavoured mini-rice cakes for children.


I’ve had a few people ask me about the dehydrator I picked up on discount from Amazon. It was reduced from STG£99.99 to STG£19.99 (excluding delivery). It’s a – VonShef Food Dehydrator & Dryer Machine with Adjustable Temperature Control – 5 Tier

For those who are interested in growing their own food this year, I get my seeds from Seedaholics who are based in Mayo, and who offer very prompt postage too! We have spent the weekend planning our plot layout this year and there’s masses of (exciting) work to be done. If you do buy vegetable seeds it’s always a good idea to take care of the bees, you’ll find out more information on their website and I’ll blog more on this very soon.

If you have a deal or a discount you think would be worth sharing here then drop me an email (wholesomecook-at-gmail-dot-com) to be added to the list for consideration. Note, this does not guarantee you get included! These are my own personal choices and I’m not sponsored in any way (monetary or benefit in kind) to provide this information. This blogpost is based on my own personal research so please don’t reproduce it elsewhere.

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  1. We bought the Vax Steam Mop in Argos for €50 there over Christmas. It’s great. Makes cleaning the wooden floors so easy. This one also has loads of attachments so I’ll be attacking the bathroom with it soon!

  2. Lovely shopping tips! I really like them! It is almost time for the spring cleaning and I need to get some stuff to be prepared! Greets, Isle Of Dogs Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  3. Thanks for sharing your shopping list. Vax Steam Mop is a great suggestion. I need to get one good floor cleaner. 🙂

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