Shopping Tips – 19th January 2015

When I sat down to type up my shopping tips for this week, I scrolled back to my previous tips for December 2014. There is a clear reduction in the price of fruit and vegetables in 1 retailer in particular. While it’s great to know that you’ll be able to feed your family fresh fruit and vegetables for less, do bear in mind that the prices aren’t always going to be this low.

We’re in the middle of a “supermarket price war”. Yes, the customer benefits from lower prices, but what about the producer/manufacturer? What cost to quality, Irish products, and what cost to animal welfare? Yes I realise that asking this question when going shopping is a luxury for many.

Please don’t depend on low supermarket prices, this is only temporary so don’t base your household budgets on it.

Thanks to everybody for sharing their tips and hints this week. They’re included below.


The Super-6 Fruit & Vegetables in Aldi this week (available until Wednesday 21st January) are kale, broccoli, rocha pears, kiwi, white potatoes, and large onions which are all 29c a packet. The Super-6 Meat on special (until Wednesday also) are minute steak, steak pieces, Angus steak, pork loin chops, breaded mini-fillets, and chicken pieces.

Karen says that the Sowan’s gluten-free brownie mix is €1.99 in Aldi, even though it’s €3.29 in SuperValu. Comments include:

“Make a large tray, perfect for a nice treat in a hurry, and its gluten free…tastes yummy!” AND from another reader – “That brownie mix is delicious, my husband wouldn’t believe it was gluten free!”

On Thursday Aldi have thermal base layers for adults. If that snow falls tonight I want a set! Also they have something I’ve been keeping an eye out for over here. I priced something similar from Amazon recently and it was €79. For just €17.99 you can install your own double wall socket with integrated USB charging points. This is the way forward. It’s only a matter of time before we all have them in our homes. No more fiddling with cables plus plugs. EU legislation on compatible chargers has a point!


First up, Dunnes Stores have their First Holy Communion dress range in store with prices starting at €50. That’s brilliant value so watch out for the rest of the Supermarkets with their keenly priced outfits.

In their “Any 2 For €3” fruit deals you can pick up snack pears, bananas, apples, yellow melon, snack pack oranges and kiwi tray. From the vegetables you can choose tenderstem broccoli, fine beans, organic onions, savoy cabbage, babycorn, rooster potatoes and mangetout. There’s also a wide range of weight-loss branded products on special offer.


Inismara cod fillets and Inisvale diced steak packs are both reduced to €2. Twisty and bayonet cap energy-saving lightbulbs are only €2.99.

Sarah Jane recommends you stock up on the cartons of XL Passata while they’re still in store for 99c. Sound advice!

From today; a portable laptop tray will set you back €11.99 which features removable cushions for extra support, and a ream of A4 printing paper (500 pages) will cost €3.99. On Thursday I’ll be picking up a twin-pack of battery operated LED worklights for €6.99, they’re so handy for inside the car boot.

2 packets of white grapes will cost you €3, a head of celeriac 69c, and savoy cabbage and parsnips will cost 49c.


The “better than half price” sale continues in store until Wednesday. You can still pick up sistema breakfast pots (€4) and lunchboxes (€5) and I believe they’re the best quality around by far.

The “2 for €1” fruit and veg options are; avocado, cherry tomato punnet, york cabbage, carrot bag, closed cup mushroom & cucumber. The “2 for €2” options are; easy peeler oranges, snack pack bananas, fresh veg soup mix, grapefruit net and fruit pouch range.

A box of 65 wash Daz powder is reduced to €10, and new baby jumbo packs of Pampers are reduced to €10 if that takes your fancy.


Tesco have a babywear offer when you get €5 off if you spend €25 or more (T&C apply as always).

The fruit and vegetables on offer this week are; shallots, leeks and celery. An easy peeler citrus pack for €1 seems to be good value too along with a pack of baby potatoes for €1 (most of the retailers seem to offer baby spuds at this price).

Maria tells me that they have the 65 wash Fairy Non-Bio powder on sale for €14.50. If you’re at a pull-up age, Huggies Pull-ups are half price. Well worth the trip to stock up.

I love the new section on their website which encourages us to make “one little change”. Nicely done.


The BabyDoc is the latest App developed and released by MyDealDoc, a Dublin based company with a mission to help consumers save money on everyday purchases. It shows special offers on nappies, wipes, baby food etc in Dunnes, Tesco, Supervalu and Boots. They say that they are going to be adding more retailers and adding new features over the next few weeks and months.

To download the BabyDoc App for free, search for BabyDoc on Android at Google Play and in the App Store for iPhone.


Last week I mentioned on my social media that a certain retailer had high-vis vests on sale for a decent price. Consider my wrists slapped!

Why on earth would you pay for something you can get for free from the lovely people at the RSA??? Not only can you pick up high-vis vests but you can also get wrist bands, backpack covers, jogging bibs and loads of reading material about how to stay safe on the road, no matter how you’re travelling. You will need to register if you’re a first time customer but big thumbs up for the RSA.

To order, just click this linky thing here.

If you have a deal or a discount you think would be worth sharing here then drop me an email (wholesomecook-at-gmail-dot-com) to be added to the list for consideration. Note, this does not guarantee you get included! These are my own personal choices and I’m not sponsored in any way (monetary or benefit in kind) to provide this information. This blogpost is based on my own personal research so please don’t reproduce it elsewhere.

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