Shopping Tips – 26 January 2015

I know that these shopping tips are helping thousands of people around the country so firstly, thank you all so much for sharing the posts.

We are near the end of the month. Payday is in sight for those who get paid on a monthly basis. Yikes, 7-8 weeks is a long time to wait to be paid. I hope that the tips over the past few weeks have helped and the good news is that the Money-Saving-Monday is here to stay!

This week I’m raiding the store cupboards to make sure that I use up my dried goods and keep them all in rotation. We have finally ditched the nappies for good (Yay!) but it’s an odd feeling after 6 and a half years not to have to visit the baby product aisle. It will mean some savings on our grocery bill but I’m going to pop it all into a rainy-day fund. If you’re wondering what nappy is the best buy for babies, we converted to Lidl nappies about 4 years ago now and never looked back. Love them, love the price, and I was sick of the large brand name nappies splitting in the middle of the night.


Super-6 Fruit & Veg are carrot and parsnip tray, courgettes, leeks, sweet peppers (I love red sweet peppers), grapefruit and green apples all for 39c. For meat you can pick up dry cured bacon steaks, bacon eye loin, 800g of minced beef, beef medallions, lamb leg/stir fry and (drumroll) the medium Irish chicken is back for €4. You should be able to confidently feed a family of 5 for at least 2 meals on that one chicken. As always, it’s my elastic family meal!

Wondering what to make with minced beef? Click on the image below for some suggestions:

One Pound Of Minced Meat - Wholesome Ireland - Food & Parenting Blog

There are a couple of gluten-free and low sugar products on special since yesterday, including some diabetic ice cream. If anybody has tried it please let me know? From Thursday you can pick up a range of items for new babies. The Hauck Sport Buggy is a brilliant buy for €29.99, the mini-blender is decent value for €14.99. They’re not just for baby food so it’s a good buy if you like to prepare meals for one or pastes regularly either.


Their special offer leaflet expires tomorrow so in the meantime the following applies:

In their “Any 2 For €3″ fruit deals you can pick up snack pears, bananas, apples, yellow melon, snack pack oranges and kiwi tray. From the vegetables you can choose tenderstem broccoli, fine beans, organic onions, savoy cabbage, babycorn, rooster potatoes and mangetout. There’s also a wide range of weight-loss branded products on special offer.

Here’s a recipe that includes green beans that I love to cook for a light lunch or supper:

Green Bean Salad - Wholesome Ireland - Food & Parenting Blog

The following baby products are on offer until 2nd February though: Pampers Baby Dry & Active Fit large bags are €11, Dunnes Stores Baby Dry are €5.79, selected J&J cleaning products are €2 per bottle, Liga is 2-for-€4, a four pack of Huggies wipes will set you back €4 (not bad value for wipes actually).


In fresh meat/fish, 2 Birchwood garlic kievs will set you back €1, 500g of pork mince is just €2 and 2 seabass fillets are just €3.

Fruit and Veg on discount are 2-for-€3 white grape pack, butternut squash is 69c, corn on the cob is 79c, and celery is 39c.

If you ever wondered what to do with butternut squash, I’m here to help. Here’s a couple of different ideas all in the one blogpost – including some gluten-free pancakes, a savoury tart and roasted squash. Click on the image to be brought to the recipes.

Savoury Pumpkin Pie With Bacon Crumble - Wholesome Ireland - Irish Food Blog

I’m really hoping my hubby reads this and gets the hint that I need a Sensiplast Balance Cushion to build up my core muscles and help with back pain. It’s €6.99 on Thursday along with other yoga equipment and clothing. This is a brilliant price, it’s very expensive elsewhere. There are yoga cardigans for €9.99, not just for yoga though as I’d use them if nursing too.


Keep an eye out for their €4 meat and fish sale. There’s some smoked salmon on special infused with Bushmill’s Honey. There’s a reason why I don’t buy it very often as if I did, I’d eat this whole pack to myself.

2-for-€1 fruit and vegetables this week are onion net, aubergine loose, courgette loose, wrapped broccoli crown, mango loose (great for smoothies and juicing). You can mix and match the following at 2-for-€2; carrot and parsnip bag, golden delicious tray, pineapple, kiwi punnet and vine tomato tray. There isn’t one item on that whole list that we don’t eat. That’s a brilliant list, anybody for fruit salad?

If you don’t know what to do with an aubergine, here’s a suggestion for you:

Pepper Aubergine Dip

Those who know me, know I’m awfully partial to a bag of jellies. Large bags of Haribo are back to €1 if you like them. Just as well I’m  not up to walking to SuperValu this week!


Selected J&J bottles are between €1.64 and €1.99 which (if I scroll frantically back to the top to check), makes them cheaper than Dunnes Stores.

Shallots (onions) are 39c along with leeks, and celery. 400g of pork stir fry will set  you back €3, as will a pack of 4 beef quarter pounder burgers.

If you’re looking for a breakfast that is filling, wholesome, and will keep you on budget then you can’t go wrong with 1kg bag of my favourite Flahavans oats. It’ll cost you €2.29. For its weight, it is far cheaper than buying a box of cereal, and better for you too!


Back pain has been at the top of my mind for the past few weeks. I had been using adhesive heat pads to keep my back loose but they are expensive and not very environmentally friendly. I picked up a Green Angel heat pack in McCabes not long ago for €12.95, and they are simply fantastic. It’s an Irish company and very good value considering it’s re-usable, it works out far cheaper than buying the sticky pads. I’d love to send you a link for what to look out for but I’m afraid I can’t see the product on the McCabes site or the Green Angel site.

Still, do consider picking up a flaxseed pack which you heat in the microwave if you need a new hot water bottle or heat for pain.

If you have a deal or a discount you think would be worth sharing here then drop me an email (wholesomecook-at-gmail-dot-com) to be added to the list for consideration. Note, this does not guarantee you get included! These are my own personal choices and I’m not sponsored in any way (monetary or benefit in kind) to provide this information. This blogpost is based on my own personal research and please don’t reproduce it elsewhere.

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