Slow blogging changed my life

Slow Blogging Changed My Life And My Top Tips

It seems so throwaway to say ‘Slow Blogging Changed My Life’ but actually it’s the truth (more on that later). Here are my top tips to becoming a slow blogger, although I’d hazard a guess that many bloggers already do this without actually realising it.

If you don’t have the content don’t share something on a particular day just because you have to.

write-when-inspiredWhen the inspiration takes you, fill up your drafts folder with buckets of content. Then put these posts into a schedule.

Your blog ENDS with a schedule, it doesn’t begin with one.

Don’t be swamped by the technical stuff. Slow blogging is more about the journey and telling your story, than it is about stressing about SEO, and how many times you share your blogposts on social media.

makeconnectionsFocus on making more connections; this means comment, share, like, and chat with other people. You’re making connections for life, not just for the reader of your blog.

Make time for yourself; you are more than just your blog. When you are refreshed, your blog will feel refreshed too.

Craft your blog posts. Edit what you’ve written before you click publish. Check you have the relevant photographs. Oh and food bloggers (this is a personal request) please, please test your recipes before you share them. That comes from a reading perspective.

Why not go back over your old blog posts and improve them instead of creating new content? You might like to revisit your images, or even the text you write. This will all add up to having the type of blog you ultimately want.

make-no-apologiesDo you apologise to your readers if it’s been a while since you blogged? The only person you’re apologising to is yourself. Your readers want your regular content, not to hear about how many days it has been since you last posted. It’s not your First Confession (Irish Roman Catholic reference there sorry).

If you’re not sure whether slow blogging is for you or not, why not try a digital detox first?

How did slow blogging change my life?

I stopped being stressed about my blog or social media content. My family returned to being the priority (as it should be). I invested more time in my content to make sure it was right, which in turn led to more opportunities coming my way. I am so much happier with how I use my blog now that I don’t feel under pressure. I am no longer an extension of my blog, my blog is an extension of me.

If you’re interested in scheduling I can highly recommend CoSchedule to manage your blog and social media. I’m linking it here, although be aware it’s an affiliate link. This tool has helped me to visualise my publication calendar, plug in my social media content, and organise myself without feeling under too much pressure. CoSchedule is premium but I believe it’s a small price to pay in the context of giving me buckets more time to actually write. I have bought my own subscription and pay full whack willingly. 😉 I’m recommending it because I think it’s brilliant!

7 thoughts on “Slow Blogging Changed My Life And My Top Tips”

  1. An excellent and worthy bit of writing. I do post to a pretty strict schedule (every Tuesday morning). I manage to live to the principals of slow blogging because I run a few weeks in advance. For example, what I cooked this weekend probably won’t make it to the blog until the new year. I find that the ideas and the writing refuse to be scheduled. The ideas come when they are good and ready and the writing happens very fast after that. I used to sit down to write a post. The end result was always a poorly crafted dirge. Now, I let the ideas form on their own and the writing becomes a pleasure and takes very little time. If only I could get my cooking to work the same way….

  2. I love this idea. As a perfectionist, I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself and my blog. I think this relaxed, laid back way would be much more enjoyable

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