08 Oct

Running Advice For Beginners

For years I was under the impression that runners were slim and fast, who would zip past me as I was lumbering around a track. It’s only now, 10 months on since I started learning to run that I know this is a huge assumption to make. Runners come in all shapes and sizes, all speeds, and all different personalities, like (go figure) the rest of the population.

We all run for ourselves, not for anybody else. We run to achieve goals, to improve on where we’ve come from, or just to flipping complete a distance.

Looking back it’s remarkable how far I’ve come since I started to run in December 2017. This time last year I was short of breath even going up the stairs, I was struggling to get restful sleep, and my blood pressure was far too high. Running is not complicated but it can be intimidating so here is some of my advice if you’re worried about starting from zero fitness. Read More

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