15 Feb

Buttermilk Cake Recipe

I love a regular Victoria Sponge but I’ve recently started to make buttermilk cake as an alternative. Buttermilk cake has a lighter texture than an all butter cake and just as simple to make. With the addition of this warm white chocolate ganache, the buttermilk cake becomes a serious treat. As the ganache is sweet, I’ve lowered the sugar in the cake mix. I also used this basic cake mix to make some banana cake last week. It was more bread-ish than cake-ish if you get what I mean. Still it was the perfect snack for my elevenses – a time when I find I’m dipping in energy during the day.

Meanwhile over here at my desk I’m finalising the arrangements to speak at a special conference for International Women’s Day on a topic close to my heart. I’m very excited to take part and as soon as the details are published I’ll let you know in case you’d like to come along! Read More

27 Nov

Honey, Ginger And Apple Cake

This morning a mist rolled down from the Mourne Mountains to the sea and enveloped our town in swirls of myth. I was half expecting to see Queen Maeve and her warriors charge past the front door as we piled into the car to get to school. It was the kind of mist that deadens the sound of engines, it made me feel like we were the only 2 people in the world walking home today. Just the small boy and I, wrapped against the frost and fog, racing back to get a hot mug of tea.Honey Ginger and Apple Cake - Wholesome Ireland Read More

23 Jan

Lemon And Lime Cake

Baking in this house requires organisation because the 2 year old understands when I’ve something baking. He likes to sit in front of the oven and demand instant results. His naps are beginning to shorten too so if I want to bake I need to be able to lash a cake batter together rapidly and have it cooked and cooling by the time he wakes up.

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04 Dec

Toffee Apple Cake

I’ve been testing this recipe for a while, in fact since Hallowe’en. I know it’s a long time to be playing around with a bake as important as Toffee Apple Cake but it was important that I got it right. My taste-tester-in-chief has declared it the best apple cake he’s ever tasted. He always says that, I think because he’s afraid if he doesn’t flatter me then his steady supply of cake will dry up. No matter, I have plenty of willing volunteers to take his place! Read More

04 Aug

Chocolate Cake

When I wear my heart on my sleeve I open myself up to people holding and forming opinions about me. Sometimes they upset me and sometimes I feel like screaming. Maybe it’s time I cleared some stuff up. Read More

08 May

Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Cake

I was doing some work on the blog and realised that there was a gap of baking proportions. It’s not good enough and I apologise! I suppose a gluten-free chocolate cherry cake will have to do.  Read More

04 Apr

Plain Simple Vanilla Cake

Easter was a time for us to get together as a family. My parents are grandparents 7 times at this stage and it can make for very noisy celebrations. We are extremely fortunate that both my maternal Grandmother and Grandfather are still with us so including them in a family event was a given. When it came to organising the menu for the party, my siblings and I volunteered to bring a dish or an item to contribute to the table. So Mam decided to call it an Easter Tea Party. Read More

24 Mar

Sweet Potato Cake

Lemon drizzle cake, but not as you know it. This sweet potato cake is moist, surprisingly light and I promise there isn’t a hint of savoury potato flavour hidden under the tart, sweet, crunchy topping made from lemon juice and caster sugar. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you’d be fooled into thinking there wasn’t a bit of potato anywhere near this cake.

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14 Mar

Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake

I have been working the idea of making a Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake for a couple of weeks. Sometimes a recipe comes into my head and until I make that cake, it just keeps on bugging me. Read More

23 Sep

Spaghetti Meatballs Cake

This confection is based around the theme of something savoury that’s sweet. Meat the meatballs and spaghetti cake.

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21 Sep

Blackberry and Lemon Cake

I find something calming in the structure of baking. I’ve baked blackberry and lemon mini-loaves for a family party this weekend.

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30 Aug

Jellybean Rainbow Cake

This cake looks like it was lifted straight from Willy Wonka’s factory, however it is incredibly easy to make. You don’t need to be an experienced baker, all you need is patience. If you’ve come across this because I’ve shared it before the Irish Constitutional Referendum tomorrow. Remember it’s the white page for the Marriage Referendum. I’ll be voting YES or TÁ by placing a nice clear “X” in the box – not a tick as this might not be counted.

I’ve kept my mouth closed about the campaigning and posters for the most part (imagine that). I believe in equality for all families in all their wonderful shapes and sizes – ours doesn’t conform to the “norm” and certain posters have been quite insulting. I’ll be making my vote count tomorrow. I hope that you will choose to vote too.

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