16 Jul

Simple Chicken Traybake

The beauty of this simple chicken traybake is that once it’s assembled you just bake it in the oven and wait while the delicious smells fill the house. Read More

18 Nov

Chilli Chicken Veg Supper

This chilli chicken supper dish takes only 15 minutes to cook including preparation. I also have a lovely competition today for readers with no less than 5 prizes to give away!

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26 Jun

Take 1 Chicken, Meal 3 of 3

So this week I’ve made:

Meal 1: Roast Chicken (also the shopping list is in this post)

Meal 2: Chicken Broth

Now it’s time for Meal 3. Again it’s a simple, filling and uncomplicated meal on a budget. I raided my fresh sage in the front garden to pop on top of this roasted squash with chicken and spaghetti meal. It really added to the flavour.

This is a big comforting bowl of food. Just the kind of thing on a day like today. Butternut Roast Chicken Pasta - Caitriona Redmond Read More

24 Jun

Take 1 Chicken, Meal 2 of 3

This is the second in a series of 3 blog posts where I’m sharing recipes for a family of 5 for under 63c per portion, based on 1 roast chicken. For the shopping list, and first recipe, check out my first post from Sunday evening “Take 1 Chicken, Meal 1 of 3“.

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22 Jun

Take 1 Chicken, Meal 1 of 3

I have this thing about roast chicken. Maybe it’s something from my childhood but the smell of a roasting chicken in the oven makes me feel like a Bisto kid when I walk into a house. It’s the ultimate Sunday roast for me, and I normally cook it once or twice a fortnight. Most people don’t realise how frugal a roast chicken can be, maybe because they throw away the carcass after the main event (the roast dinner) or perhaps because they just see the initial cost of buying a chicken. Have you figured out that if you’re careful a roast chook will last for 3 meals?

You can expect to pay between €3-€5 for a whole medium chicken in supermarkets and butchers. If you are careful about how you treat the chicken, you will be able to eke out your meal and be left with very little food waste as a bonus. The vegetables mentioned here are only suggestions; make the most of the offers available where you shop, and buy what’s in season. Using value ranges in the shops at the moment, the list of ingredients below will cost you under €9.50. Considering you will get 2 main meals and 1 lunch for 5 people from these ingredients that will cost you under €0.63 per portion.

So here’s the plan. Purchase the items on the shopping list below; and over the next week, I’ll share the 3 meals that you’ll get from 1 roast chicken.  Read More

27 Apr

BBQ Marmite Chicken Wings

When I was gifted a jar of Marmite this week I was a little unsure what to make with it. Thankfully these BBQ Marmite Chicken Wings are the perfect way to use up the sticky brown stuff.

Mam was at her most practical this week and arrived down with a bag full of tins and jars that she knew I’d be using for my recipes over the next couple of months. To cap that she also brought me a fresh bouquet (garni) crammed full of bay leaves and rosemary that she’d picked from her own herb garden. So thoughtful!

As she was leaving I spotted a familiar and distinctive yellow lid in the bag. I shuddered. Marmite and I aren’t the best of friends. It is such a strong flavour and I never buy the stuff.

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26 Mar

Simple Roast Chicken

Don’t make work for yourself, with just a few simple tips you will be making simple roast chicken with ease and no worries about uncooked meat or having to monitor time too rigidly. Read More

28 Feb

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

For food that kids can eat in their hands, that’s great for parties and dips and for simplicity you can’t beat homemade chicken nuggets. Read More

18 Sep

Savoury Cupcakes

Sometimes dinnertime with picky eaters is far easier when you’re having fun. This is a chicken pie disguised as savoury cupcakes.

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16 Sep

Chicken Noodle Soup

This chicken noodle soup is just one of the 3 meals I get from a roast chicken. When you’re on a budget you want to make the most out of what you purchase.

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26 Jun

Slimming Summer Broth

This time of the year I normally eat plenty of salads but this is a wholesome slimming summer broth which is lovely either hot or chilled. It is gluten, dairy and virtually low fat along with being low GI. This broth is also made with seasonal vegetables from the garden along with being low salt!

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03 Jun

Jubilee Leftover Lunch

This is a basic coronation chicken recipe which I use for my leftover roast chicken, particularly if I’ve made a roast on a Sunday. You can tweak the fillings to the tastes that your children have and I prefer it on crackers but it’s perfect in wraps, sandwiches, pitta breads and on its own.

It seems appropriate to use it today, on the jubilee as it’s based upon the original Coronation Chicken Recipe! However it’s doubly the right time to use it as the Easy Food Home-Cook Hero Awards were launched for 2012 within the past week.  I was one of the finalists in the Lunchbox Challenge section last year with a variation of this recipe.  It was a great experience and the winning circle was full of very talented cooks.  In fact there were so many winning junior cooks I think that the food bloggers of today need to watch their backs!

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