11 Jun

Fish And Chips

Fish and chips; not the most thrifty meal if you go to the local chipper, nor is it the most healthy either. Don’t get me wrong, there is a certain allure of a brown paper bag laden with piping hot chips, salt and vinegar every now and again. If you’re feeding a family that sort of meal is saved for a treat.

This meal is a healthier,  version of classic fish and chips. It makes the most of cheap cuts of white fish that you can pick up for far less than cod or haddock in your fishmonger or in the supermarket. For bonus points I’ve sneakily found a way to hide some veg in the dish. Fish And Chips - Caitriona Redmond - Wholesome Ireland

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25 Apr

Prawns In Howth

Friday is normally our day for making a trip to Howth. We nip into Nicky’s Plaice as early as possible to get the fish. My Grandmother always got her fish from Howth and so we continue with the tradition.

Our family has great ties to Howth, in fact my husband’s grand uncle was the last Howth tram driver so it holds a very important place in our hearts.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well I’ll be in Howth this Sunday, celebrating the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival with a demonstration of a top-secret recipe from my cookbook, along with a prawn recipe of course!  The featured image is a warm prawn salad that I cooked earlier this year and you’ll find the recipe by clicking here.

You’ll find me at the Festival Marquee near the East Pier at 1pm and don’t be afraid to say hello!

23 Feb

Steamed Cod With Spinach

Every Friday, we get fish in Howth. If the fishing has been good then we’ll get enough for a few meals over the weekend. If not, then it’s simply a white fish for one meal. 52 weeks of the year we eat fish at least once a week.

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10 Feb

Warm Prawn Salad

There’s an hour before bedtime. We call it crazy-hour in this house. This evening it was marked by the two boys running around in circles, shouting and giggling. All I can do is watch and embrace the madness. As himself doesn’t get home until close to bedtime it can be hard to try to eat a full dinner while the crazy-hour is underway. I try to eat my main meal during the day with the boys and then have a lighter supper after they go to bed. That’s the idea behind this warm prawn salad. Read More

22 May

Smoked Mackerel Toast

Woah it’s been crazy busy around here. There are some days where I’m struggling to find inspiration for lunch. Something different to the norm. Today I made smoked mackerel toast with a slight twist. Read More

26 Aug

Brown Crab Salad

A light brown crab salad of fresh flavours this is a delicious way to balance the shellfish flavour.

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07 Aug

Baked Salmon

In cooking terms they call this baked salmon; “en papillote” but in our house we call it fish in a bag!

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18 Jun

Garlic Prawns

I know I’ve said it before but we are so lucky to live by the sea and so near to great fishmongers and fishermen.

The father in law’s boat will go in the water next week and from that point onwards there will be a glut of line caught mackerel and ling to cook with.  If the hubby uses his noggin, he’ll swap the catch for lobsters after a days’ fishing.  It’s not that my family are fishermen, far from it, it’s just that we live so close to a fantastic amenity it seems a shame not to use it.
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05 Apr

Buried Treasure

Tomorrow is Good Friday, it’s a “day of fasting” and traditionally we don’t eat meat on that day.  Actually we rarely eat meat on a Friday at all because my mother in law almost always cooks fish and welcomes all of her children and her extended family to dinner that day.  So much so that it has been renamed “Fresh Fish Friday” in our house.

When growing up Good Friday the “stations of the cross” along with Ma in our parish church, then a trip to the graveyard in Sutton to visit the grave of my Grandfather (her husband), after which we’d head over to Howth to get fish fresh from the pier.  There was, and still is, only one shop on the pier where we buy our fish and that is Nicky’s Plaice.
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