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    Growing Our Own Food

    It’s that time of the year again, when the weather becomes a little bit warmer, the days longer, and we begin to consider willingly spending more time outdoors. Walks to school/work etc don’t really come under the same heading. In the Spring you see a rake of shops and garden centres selling all the accessories so you can grow your own flowers or food. Nowadays it’s obviously seen as a bit of a fashion statement because there are plenty of stylish items that look brilliant on sale too (they wouldn’t last jig-time in my house). You’ll (as always) see a big increase in my pictures taken outdoors while working at…

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    Review: Grow Cook Eat

    In late 2014, Michael Kelly got in touch to see if I’d like to review his new book; Grow Cook Eat. So I owe him an apology for taking so long to get this review done. Sorry Michael! Mind you, it’s about the right time of the year to start considering growing  your own food. I know that the weather is cold, it may be snowing where you are, but in food-growing terms many of us who like to grow our own food are busy tending to our crops that last through the Winter, and have started to chit potatoes, and propagate seedlings for the Spring.