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    Pitta Pocket Lunch

    You gotta pitta pocket or two! Cheesey singing is not obligatory in my household but I do love how versatile pitta bread is for lunchboxes. My top tip for keeping them fresh is to keep your packets of pitta bread in the freezer, then take them out one-by-one. To make sure your pitta is perfect for filling, take the frozen bread and splash it with a bit of cold water, sit on a piece of kitchen roll and pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds. You’ll get a bitta pitta perfection everytime. Also before I forget! You may not notice on mobile, but I’ve made a couple of changes…

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    Gently Spiced Pork Meatballs

    The trick to perfect meatballs is to roast them in the oven before adding the meatballs to the sauce. This is not only a way to render off the fat you sometimes find in the cheaper cuts of meat, but the browning process in the oven adds extra flavour. It’s easy to see why this meal is a hit with my family.

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    Griddled Turkey Steak with Roasted Vegetables

    Sometimes when my husband works a late shift I’ll cook a regular meal for the kids, and then we sit down together when he gets home. It’s not that I’m advocating cooking individual meals for different family members though! It’s simply that it’s nice to have somebody to sit and eat with at the end of a long day in work. This griddled turkey steak with vegetable stack is a wholesome, gluten free, paleo friendly dish that will keep you coming back for more. It’s well balanced and light on the stomach if you don’t like eating too much late in the evening. 

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    Coconut Beef Recipe

    If you love the flavour of coconut but are not sure about cooking with coconut oil I hope that this recipe will convert you. I confess I’m not a fan of using coconut oil in my daily beauty routine, simply because if I do, I end up craving Bounty bars all day! This coconut beef recipe is simple to make, full of flavour, and that’s the kind of food that I like to cook at home for my family.

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    Health And Fitness: The Journey So Far

    18 months ago I started running, then proceeded to banjax my knee. The knee had healed by Christmas 2014 but then I had a bad fall which resulted in me not being able to even do the school collections for a few months. Yes, you see, I can sometimes be a walking crock. Something had to give. My body has been caught in a bad injury cycle where I eat, put on weight, heal, and then struggle to get back to my original fitness. My muscles were growing lax and I was even more prone to injury, especially with carrying extra weight. My upper body strength was low.

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    Vegetarian Bean Chilli With Rice – Recipe

    I’ve done the research on this recipe and have a Slimming World, Weight Watchers, and calorie count so that if you decide to make this vegetarian bean chilli with rice you’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with. You will want to allow 100g of cooked white rice per person to add to the meal; this is included in the meal value calculations. The chilli will keep in a sealed box in the fridge for about 3 days, or freezes for up to 3 months if well insulated. Calories Per Serving: 132 Weight Watchers Pro Points Per Serving: 4 Slimming World Information: Syn-Free

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    Leftovers Pie

    I realise that in the technical sense of the term, this is not a “pie”. I’ve already received a lecture from my other half about him being short-changed. He rang this afternoon and I mentioned that dinner was ready. When I informed him that it was leftovers pie he was delighted, then the excitement turned to disappointment when he realised that there was no pastry at all involved in this pie.

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    Review: The Happy Pear Cookbook

    In this book we hope to inspire you to eat more veg. That is it, plain and simple. It’s a great introduction to a book that is packed with recipes from The Happy Pear in Greystones, Co Wicklow. Much more than that though, the book is full of the philosophy behind Dave and Steve’s journey to becoming vegetable evangelists, and retailers on a mission. The identical twins (for the shop, and book, are a play on words) are the best advertisement for the way of life that the book espouses. While the recipes are at the heart of The Happy Pear cookbook, woven throughout are experiences of their family, employees,…

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    Sugar Free Brownies

    In my last blogpost I shared a vlog of my own journey of getting fitter and losing weight. I am depending on nobody else to lose weight for me, or to help me get fit. It does help though that there is somebody else working alongside me, towards a similar goal. My husband and I are extremely competitive with one another so when he suggested he could do with getting more active himself it made it far easier. This morning he got a major boost where he lost enough weight to say he was the lightest he had been in over 15 years. So far he’s lost a total of…

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    Sugar-free Flapjacks

    “An é seo folláin?”/”Is this wholesome?” My 5-year-old requires absolute honesty when we go shopping together. He won’t buy anything unless it’s “folláin” (the Irish word for wholesome). As I call out items from the list and he wanders around the supermarket; he’ll pick up items, and check the wholesome factor. It wasn’t always like this. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have been able to walk the gauntlet that is the biscuit aisle, or the chocolate aisle, without picking up biscuits and treats. Now products that don’t pass his test get put back and he meanders on, scrutinising the shelves. If I don’t buy the sweet treats then…

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    Egg Tarts

    I’ll keep it short today! These egg tarts are great for lunchboxes. You can make them ahead and they will keep in a lined box in the fridge for up to 2 days. They also reheat very well too. I just lash whatever squishy veg/leftover meat I have in the fridge into the tarts. Don’t complicate things, make life easy on yourself. Note you’ll also need about 200g of rice or baking beans for this recipe but they aren’t eaten and can be used again on another occasion. Egg Tarts (serves 6 hungry adults – more kids) Ingredients 1 roll of chilled puff pastry 1 small onion Handful of squishy…