17 Jul

Super-Quick Salmon Noodles

Having spent the last 2 weekends presenting cookery demonstrations on a roadshow, one of the most important messages I shared was that parents need to put themselves under less pressure to cook the ‘meat and 2 veg’ dinner and instead embrace speedy cooking dishes. Especially now, as the weather has been so warm and tempers can get frayed in the heat, family meals that can be prepared with minimal fuss are the way to go.

As I was leaving Cork yesterday a guest at the demonstration came up to tell me that she loved this mentality and that spending so much time in the kitchen is over rated. This is a variation on a speedy noodle salad that I hope you will enjoy. If you look carefully you’ll see that there is little to no cooking in the recipe and the ingredients can be easily assembled. Read More

10 Sep

What We Eat In A Normal Day

I realise that I often write (and talk) about food and describe recipes that I cook. However, I rarely describe a full day’s worth of meals. When I post a sweet recipe or picture it’s likely that it’s the one sweet recipe I’ve cooked in the week. So in an effort to share my honest day’s cooking I’m confessing all. This is what we eat in a normal day. Read More

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