11 Aug

What The Heck Am I Doing?

I thought to myself on Tuesday last week. I was sitting on the floor surrounded by bags of clothes. The boys were using the clothes as slides. There was a double bed mattress on the landing and so many black sacks of clothes for charity shops that I couldn’t get from the door in my office to the window.

I started off last week with a goal of cleaning up the house. Then I realised that I couldn’t get away with a quick lick of a duster, swish of the vacuum cleaner and a spritz of lemon oil. Once I began to make a dent in the washbasket I discovered that I had nowhere to put my clean clothes. I do have plenty of storage space upstairs, just it was all full. Read More

04 Jan

Life Laundry

As a parent I try to celebrate every milestone, every stepping stone on the growth of my children. It can be hard to see the great successes sometimes, although there are days that I celebrate that I made it to the end with the same number of children I started out with.

Today is one of those days. Today I am celebrating the life laundry. Read More

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