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    Health And Fitness: The Journey So Far

    18 months ago I started running, then proceeded to banjax my knee. The knee had healed by Christmas 2014 but then I had a bad fall which resulted in me not being able to even do the school collections for a few months. Yes, you see, I can sometimes be a walking crock. Something had to give. My body has been caught in a bad injury cycle where I eat, put on weight, heal, and then struggle to get back to my original fitness. My muscles were growing lax and I was even more prone to injury, especially with carrying extra weight. My upper body strength was low.

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    Temptation Everywhere!

    I dropped the 6-year-old to school and I walked home with the small boy; like we always do. Yesterday I had to nip into the Supermarket for some messages on the way and my heart sank. Right at the front door there was floor to ceiling displays of sweets and chocolate based on a Hallowe’en theme. It was a couple of metres long and I have to walk past it to get to the fresh fruit and vegetables. Couple that with the massive aisle ends of chocolate (most popular brand in Ireland), also of fizzy drinks, and the cash register gauntlet of sweets and chocolate it’s difficult to say no.…